The Story of Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger: 6 min video

This six-minute video, a production of The Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation, provides an excellent overview of the work of Dr. Weston A. Price and Dr. Francis Pottenger and their research in nutrition and degenerative diseases. Both books mentioned are available at

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3 responses to “The Story of Dr. Price and Dr. Pottenger: 6 min video

  1. The high level consumption of industrial food-like substances are, in large part, the reason for most of the new degenerative disorders. Switching to a well-rounded traditional diet (fresh local when possible) will start to reverse these conditions. Pottenger’s cats show that we should probably eating more raw than cooked foods.

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  3. Thanks, Augie. I read both both books and learned a great deal- they really gave me all the information I needed to make good dietary choices- eat local, seasonal, whole and raw foods- not derived food-like products.

    I read the books at least once a year because the message is so powerful. We think what it means for us- in the case of Dr. Price- braces for us and our kids- more cavities, displacement in the jaw- TMJ, vision problems. All occurred amazingly because of diet! In the developmental skeleton And the changes continue slowly and insidiously.
    Many people think nothing of investing their money in medical and dental services and say that good food is too expensive. And what MD would tell you food is important? On no- that little pill you pop will keep you healthy. NOT!
    I think one of the most striking facts is the infertility issue in Pottingers cats- and in people today. The number of preterm births is on the rise- special hospital units are set up to take care of this increasingly common change in the human condition.

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