FDA, IRS, FBI: 80 Armed Agents Raid Health Supplement Firm in Oregon

Unlike the FDA Raid, this picture is not exxagerated.

A band of 80 federal agents stormed Maxam Nutraceutics of Hood River, Oregon last week in what seems to be  an unnecessary and outrageous abuse of power.

Jim Cole, Founder and CEO of Maxam said he cooperated with every demand that the FDA made of him, and was convinced that all was well. But apparently the FDA had different ideas when out of nowhere, the agency, along with the IRS and the FBI, sent as many as 80 armed, SWAT-style agents to both Maxam headquarters, the company’s “Big Gym” training center, and even Jim’s daughter’s house, to confiscate all the products, company documents, and even personal files and computers.

“They took all our products, all our paperwork, all our files — we’ve been doing this since 1992 and they pulled everything,” said Jim. “They brought in three big moving vans, they had their guns on, their bullet-proof vests — they came prepared for war.”

You can see that the FDA letter treats Maxam health supplement products as drugs. The point I want to make is that Fluoride is a Drug by FDA definition. It is delivered to customers through their water supply without dosing instructions or without any medical evaluation or periodic monitoring whatsoever–to the extent CDC has reported 41% of children are overdosed and have dental fluorosis. The practice of water fluoridation is NOT FDA-approved and is unethical in that consumers are not informed and warned as to the side effects. Why does FDA allow fluoridation of water supplies, but when folks like Jim Cole, providing helpful products to people asking for health supplements, get busted with such brute force? –Augie
Take this FDA!
A word about another “dangerous” substance called raw milk (targeted to be banned nationally by HHS/FDA/CDC by 2020)

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11 responses to “FDA, IRS, FBI: 80 Armed Agents Raid Health Supplement Firm in Oregon

  1. I believe the town here should be “Hood River, Oregon”, not “Fort Hood.”

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  3. I’m constantly amazed at the heavy handedness dealt to companies and businesses in the natural supplements industry. Here in Australia, a company called Pan Pharmaceutical was shut down many years ago now because one of their supplements might make someone sick. Reports have shown that Ibuprofen can cause strokes and heart attacks but I don’t see the manufacturers getting shut down or stormed by armed personnel. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-1346254/Ibuprofen-trebles-risk-stroke-doctors-warn.html

  4. Its all part of Population control. They want us all dumbed down and on pharmaceutical poisons.

  5. I think it is pretty obvious who runs this country- Big business who produce and must dispose of the fluoride wastes. Europe does not fluoridate because the people dont want it. Several European countries were fluroidated in the ’50’s after the fluoride hoopla came out but decided to take it out of the water because 1) the citizens protested, 2) tooth decay was not signficantly impacted.
    Supplements are obviously a threat to big pharma, the AMA, large medical centers. Those who take responsibility for their own health tend not to be ill and to manage their medical problems. As Richard Olree, DC, of “Minerals and the Genetic Code,” says often enough, people better learn which foods, herbs and flowers contain specific minerals because Codex Alimentarius is coming- this is an international WTO process which has already started in the US to limit and drastically curtail supplements available to the public.

    Then maybe even growing herbs will be outlawed since they can be considered medical treatment. Eating processed GMO soy, beets, alfalfa to animals and spraying our environment with tons of toxic waste however, is fine but taking a selenium tablet is too dangerous.

    I think Roger is right on with the dumbed down and population control- feeding out babies GMO soy formula is contributing to the growing number of allergies, and sexual problems in later life. There are increasing numbers of baby boys with hypospadia born to vegan mothers who eat soy. Kaayla Daniel does a great job unmasking the GMO soy in the food system in her book, “The Whole Soy Story.”


    • Control of supplements are a way to ensure people must rely on big pharma/big med . Then they can have lifelong patients to manage their disorders and live in their resort communities and drive Mercedes etc.

  6. Just makes me angry.

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  8. Brian Griffith

    If you want a truly organic and natural Vitamin supplement,then check out Shaklee.com
    Its the only one for me since 1974.

  9. Here are comments from the Raw Milk facebook page

    Raw Milk Please join the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund by following this link: http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/become-a-member.html Benefits of membership can be found here: http://www.farmtoconsumer.org/benefits.html
    Yesterday at 9:53pm · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Raw Milk Join up with the ARMi — there is a lot more of us than THEM
    Yesterday at 9:59pm · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading…
    Mary Dunn Now if we could only get the to go after Monsanto!
    Yesterday at 10:01pm · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading…
    Raw Milk
    Mary, if Monsanto is going after you and they are in violation of some part of your constitutional rights, FTCLDF would probably help in that situation as well. It would not hurt to call them and ask – (703) 208-FARM (3276)

    The Farm-to-Consu…mer Legal Defense Fund is a 501 (c) (4) non-profit organization made up of farmers and consumers joining together and pooling resources to:

    * Protect the constitutional right of the nation’s family farms to provide processed and unprocessed farm foods directly to consumers through any legal means.

    * Protect the constitutional right of consumers to obtain unprocessed and processed farm foods directly from family farms.

    * Protect the nation’s family farms from harassment by federal, state, and local government interference with food production and on-farm food processing.See More
    Yesterday at 10:11pm · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Michael Scandirito even if the fda hates a farmer’s operation, why the hell is it necessary to “raid” the farmer’s property? this stuff is so disgusting. it’s an exact replica of the nazi conditioning the people of germany were forced to put up with after the weimar republic.
    Yesterday at 10:20pm · LikeUnlike · 6 peopleLoading…
    Tanisha Waggoner Boooooo! Down with Monsanto and our corrupt food/health system!
    Yesterday at 10:21pm · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading…
    Allowishus Devedante’ Abercrombie F.D.A; booooooo.
    23 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Mike Nelson
    With all the things that are going on at the dangers that face our country it amazes me that federal agencies do the easy thing and go after farmers and people who want freedom of consumption. Brings to mind “Branch Davidians” and “Ruby Rid…ge.” You’re right Michael in your Nazi comparison, our country is turned into an Orwellian nightmare that our founding fathers could never understand how we let happen.

    Stop harassing farmers and their customers and do something about the radicalization of Islam!See More
    23 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Pamela Regentin This was not in “Fort Hood” but in Hood River, OR a small town on the banks of the Columbia River. I live just outside of Hood River and had not heard a word about it.
    23 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    Raw Milk Pamela, I was wondering about that. I had never heard of Fort Hood, but used to live up by Hood River.
    22 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    Joseph M. DeVore RAW is the only safe food, Organic = GMO FREE
    22 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading…
    Melissa Allen Hettick PREPOSTEROUS!!!
    22 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 3 peopleLoading…
    Melissa Allen Hettick Fort Hood is in TX
    22 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    Jeanmarie Todd Disgusting waste of tax money and a horrible abuse of power.
    21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 5 peopleLoading…
    Victoria Hestin I live in southern Oregon and this worries me. Not that I’m worried they’ll come knocking on my door, I’m just worried that stuff like this isn’t making the front page on a national level…is this really less important than celebrity issues or sports scores?
    21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 6 peopleLoading…
    Melissa Allen Hettick like Lindsay Lohaan’s new nail polish at the courthouse!! Watchout!
    21 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading…
    Marsie Dornan When they implement the United Nation’s CODEX ALIMENTARIUS no food supply will be safe from the police state.
    14 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    Katie Diers Hood River, not Fort Hood
    13 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    Shannon Lee
    When it comes down to it, I hope and pray that people are willingly to do whatever it takes to protect their GOD GIVEN RIGHTS. ‘They’ can only push us so far before we either vote with our feet, or take things in our own hands. Fearing them… has done nothing more than leave us ‘helpless’ and that I will not be! Things in America aren’t looking to good, and I’ll be damned if I don’t try my hardest to make it a better situation for my children…and their children..an so on.See More
    13 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading…
    Mike Nelson
    You now have a Springer/Winfrey society of touchy-feely numbskulls having come out of the government indoctrination centers (public school) they are now ready to take their place in the global plantation. You’ve got it Shannon except maybe …the part about voting with your feet, when you’re talking about a central government 10th amendment states rights take a back seat and there’s no escape. Take heart though Americans are starting to wake up!See More
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    Unveiled Wellness What happened to,”We the People, for the people!” The Gov just can’t stay out of anything. Control, Control, Control!
    11 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 2 peopleLoading…
    Mary Hetherington
    The government really has all the legislative power it needs now to keep doing this, so I expect things will only get worse on that front. The FTCLDF is one of our best bets in pushing back. I highly recommend that even people who grow th…eir own food or buy from a local farmer join. I’m so grateful to know the FTCLDF is out there, even though we don’t have a working farm yet, we care about the farmers we are buying from, and this is another way to support them.See More
    10 hours ago · LikeUnlike · 1 personLoading…
    American Naturopaths Association
    This is not good, but to put it into perspective, these intimidating raids have been going on for decades. I remember the news about one over 20 years ago (in the 80’s) against Sunrider company, specifically confiscating stevia. What is n…ews is we are not only hearing about it quicker and more often, but hopefully people will connect the dots as to why these raids are initiated (corporate lobbying). if we can obtain stevia widely now, we can work to protect access to anything of a food and herbal nature.See More
    3 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    John Kania How dare they do this! Badly needing to be put in their place.
    2 hours ago · LikeUnlike
    Raw Milk Going on for decades– that is right– I just saw an FDA documentary that showed in 1950s that features a raid on a home business. Same procedures
    26 minutes ago · Like

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