Finding Safe Raw Milk– Locally and Economically

Fresh milk anyone? Is your raw milk source safe, economical and close by? Have you even got raw milk?

This new ePaper will save you lots of time in finding a safe raw dairy in your area and there is a special bonus eBook.

A new resource called Finding Your Safe Local Raw Milk  is an instantly downloadable $7 ePaper to help you find dairies in your area quickly. This is like a web page—so you get all live links directly to dairies and food groups in your state and area.

But, there is BONUS– an 85-page, colorful eBook on real nutrition, including over 50 recipes including many with raw milk, fresh eggs and grass-fed beef.

* Get connected in your area to safe raw milk.
* Find out it you can find a closer, safer and more economical source for your raw milk.
* Learn the health benefits of raw milk
* Learn about the safety and quality issues that help you select the dairy right for you.

Read more about the $7 ePaper.

5 responses to “Finding Safe Raw Milk– Locally and Economically

  1. careful augie, government will use this pamphlet to infiltrate legitimate raw milk herdshare operators in ohio and will try to accuse them of breaking the law. government has been known to utilize resources as this to the detriment of the farmer. the wapf “campaign for real milk” is an example.

  2. What the world needs now,
    is more raw milk-
    No just just for some-
    But oh oh everyone!

  3. Mine is! 17 miles from my home, $4 per gallon for fresh raw milk from either Roo or Daisy, both of whom eat plenty of grass when it’s not covered up with snow!

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  5. I just lost my only customer for goats milk, so bummed. If anyone near the Ashtabula county area of Ohio is interested, feel free to contact me!

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