30 Days to Wellness: An Instant Downloadable eBook

This eBook is spot on for busy people. It is only 160 small pages– includes a long list of references and hyperlinks– even a few recipes. It is written by ten authors, including doctors, nutritionists, fitness specialists and other health practitioners, you may already know and respect–members of The Weston A. Price Foundation.

This beautifully formatted ebook is a collaborative work with the aim of getting you on the fast track to wellness in 30 days. Designed like a reference manual, you choose which section to read and apply first. Proceed at your own pace; each section is concise and easy to implement, written with your time constraints in mind.

The eBook teaches some politically incorrect nutrition and seeks to explain how certain foods are beneficial. For example, how cholesterol and animal fats build energy and helps the brain and the muscles as well as aids in weight loss. Another example of politically incorrect nutrition education contained in the book is the importance of raw dairy products—yes, that dangerous substance that is called nature’s perfect food.

This powerful script also underlines the importance of reducing stress in one’s life: using positive thoughts and words, turning off the radio and TV, and hanging around positive people, to name a few. (They are not hard to find when you get connected in the real food movement!)

They even have a few sections on sleep and rest. With all the insomnia going around, this part may well be worth the price of the eBook. Good sleep is so crucial to mental and physical health and happiness.

If you have any disorders or diseases, you can get remarkable results in a short time. If you have “normal” conditions such as high blood pressure and cholesterol, allergies, acid reflux or many other ailments, you too can get real help fast. Case studies abound that these simple principles work.

Here are a few pickins from the table of contents.

 Thyroid/Weight Connection!

Butter or Margarine?

Why Sugar is More Addictive Than Cocaine!

Cholesterol Builds Muscle? Cholesterol and the Big FAT Lie!

Feeding Your Family Well: Anyone Can Do It!

Practical Ways to Bring Fermented Foods in Your Diet!

Does Exercise Help You Lose Weight?

Are You On the Right Track?

Reach For Your Dreams!

Envisioning Wellness!

Proven Tools and Techniques to Create Positive Change and Thinking!

Stop Living in Fear!

What is the connection between rest and losing weight?!

Getting Kids to Sleep Well!

Top 5 Changes You Can Do Today to Sleep Better…Naturally!

Empowering Sleep: Eight Steps to Liberation from Insomnia!

 The BONUS is another eBook, a colorful 90-page real nutrition education with over 50 nutrient-dense recipes that supplements 30 Days to Wellness.

You can read more about the eBook, watch a video and see the Introduction and Chapter 1 by going to 30 Days to Wellness at our iShop.

This script can all be yours for a fraction of a month’s supply of prescription pills.

All the best to the new you over the next month!

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