Raw Milk Rally Time—Pack up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies—It’s Brother Daniel’s Traveling Salvation Show

We reported last week on the Amish family busted by FDA for caring for the cows of others and delivering fresh milk to those that had already bought it. He caused fresh, raw milk to cross the state line—a federal offense. We know this is a violation of personal rights, but I question if this is another form of religious persecution. After all, they believe it is their ministry and life’s mission to provide healthy food to those that hunger for it. It is all so silly–having to spend all this time and energy to tend to these matters–and oh, Daniel and his family has their livelihoods and farming operations majorly dinked–not to mention all those customers that depend on that fresh, wholesome, unprocessed, unadulterated  milk to maintain and restore their health.

To read on, you really must put a dime in the nickelodeon by clicking on the theme song for this post:

The private buying club (that the FDA infiltrated into the private homes posing as an honest customer) are sponsoring a huge Farm and Food Freedom Rally on behalf of the Daniel Allgyer family and their Rainbow Acres Farm ! It is this Monday May 16 . . . and their are many power speakers to tell it like it is.

But you will love this. The club has put up quite a professional website with the Rally information and many of the national news stories—including the Washington Times, Discovery Channel, Business Week and NBC now in on it, vying for the most audiences.  There will be a least one COW at the rally and the raw milk will be flowing of course–according to reports here at the Journal.

Each time there is a major bust like this, it all backfires and provides lots of free advertising, marketing and public relations for the growing fresh milk movement. And it sure brings people together to celebrate their God-given freedom wherein they need not ask permission for something already have given the right to. It ends up educating people ’cause, they figure, if the government has lied to them about all these other things, they a probably lying to them about the dangers of nature’s perfect food when it is produced properly.

Whether you make it to the DC Rally or not, the least you can do is donate, use the share button below to teach FDA a big lesson here.

I will be speaking on raw milk, vaccinations and fluoride water at a Constitution Rally on Saturday (in a church gymnasium!) in Youngstown.  But I would like you to just check out our new Raw Milk locator guide.–Augie

4 responses to “Raw Milk Rally Time—Pack up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies—It’s Brother Daniel’s Traveling Salvation Show

  1. Stephanie Marrero

    Thanks for sharing this, Augie! Knock ’em dead with your talk in Youngstown, too.

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  3. Augie, Love those pictures!! Looks like the Boston Common gathering I was at.Keep up the Good fight. Wish I could be there.

  4. That they are. I follow most all the milk rallies.

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