New Revelations on Autism/Vaccine Links

As the reality of vaccine-induced brain damage, including autism, becomes more obvious to the general public, our public health officials and their partners in health care will be screaming all the more loud that vaccines are safe and effective.  After all, the system cannot allow the “internet misinformation” to increase the percent of those saying no to vaccinations.  And, of course, I am sure doctors are getting tired of dealing with parents well educated on vaccination safety, effectiveness and need– risking the loss of profit from a full series of shots.

An article by Judy Converse, MPH RD LD (her blog is Nutrition Care For Children) is so good– does a very good job on what I half attempted the other day on the latest  news and revelations– so I could not resist introducing it here.

Here are some excerpts:

Pharmaceutical industry scientist Helen Ratajczak recently spoke out – “I’m retired now. I can write what I want” – about how the MMR vaccine could in fact plausibly induce autism. CBS News recently proclaimed that the vaccine debate is far from over. Despite relentless “vaccines are safe” mantras from talking head TV doctors and government officials, parents now express more concern about vaccination than anything else at pediatric visits. In defiance of a rash of studies insisting no link exists between routine childhood vaccines and disastrous brain injuries or autism, scientists determined to be heard continue to publish findings that vaccines do cause trouble: Stuff like this retrospective that found boys were nine times more likely to end up with developmental disability when given newborn hepatitis B vaccination. Or this particularly chilling one – a prospective case controlled study in monkeys – showing the US schedule of vaccines, as is now given to our children, inducing neurological and gastrointestinal injury akin to that seen in autism, in the entire test group. Yet another recent chink in the vaccine armor was this analysis showing worsening infant mortality with increasing doses of vaccines. None of these studies quibbled about mercury or aluminum toxicity, which each preside over their own caches of terrifying science for injuring brains. Debunking efforts have stumbled there too, once it was understood that the Paul Offit, poster-doc for the vaccine industry (and patent holder on vaccines himself), was touting data on kids given mercury containing vaccines against kids given aluminum containing vaccines. The incidence of autism in both groups was comparable – which doesn’t mean vaccines don’t cause autism, as Offit insists. It could simply mean that aluminum may be as capable of neurotoxic-induced autism as mercury. Meanwhile, most of us didn’t realize that vaccines are never tested against placebos at all. They are tested against other vaccines, an industry-friendly oddity permitted nowhere else in all of medical scientific methodology.

Adding insult to injury, one of the investigators on the CDC’s crown jewel study – commissioned to disprove the MMR-autism link – was just indicted by a federal grand jury for fraud and money laundering with funds intended for this very project. This came to light after many a harsh rebuttal to the study for its flawed methods.

There is much more . . . read the full article. Beyond Vaccines: Will The 83 Canaries Make Them Obsolete?

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3 responses to “New Revelations on Autism/Vaccine Links

  1. I really like the way Judy writes.

  2. dave frederick

    Can you supply us with the studies to support these claims? Please, it would add validity to your assertions.

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