New, Large Study: Eating Lots of Cheese and Dairy Products Does Not Cause Heart Disease

Nothing new for many of our readers, but we have been led astray about the dangers of milk and dairy products. Put the blame on our public health authorities and the USDA dietary guidelines—a deceptive marketing campaign for the multinational food corporations carried out by doctors and dieticians. Although a long-term study just released shows eating lots of dairy has nothing to do with heart attacks, you can be sure it will not change the advertisements and doctor’s advice to eat low-fat or non-fat dairy products and get on a statin drug. As with all the other studies, it will be suppressed as it opposes the goals of the food and medical industries.

A newly published analysis of 3630 Costa Rica adults over a ten-year period found that their levels of dairy consumption had nothing to do statistically with their risk of a heart attack. Some ate one and one-third pounds of cheese, butter and milk each day. (The actual published study in the journal Nutrition, Metabolism and Cardiovascular Diseases is available for a fee.)

Researchers at Brown University hypothesized that other nutrients in dairy products are protective against heart disease. The beneficial nutrients are said include calcium, vitamin D, potassium, magnesium and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Our article Skim Milk may be making you fat and sick last week is already the No. 1 post of the year. It tells how skim milk can help make you fat and raise bad cholesterol.

Sally Fallon-Morrell and the real milk campaign at The Weston A. Price Foundation have led the charge on the virtues of “dangerous” full-fat raw milk for over 15 years. Their real dietary guidelines cover the benefits of fat, cholesterol and dairy products:

Authorities justify these restrictions of nutritious foods by claiming that fat, especially saturated fat, results in weight gain. Yet a recent study from Sweden found that a higher intake of fats, including saturated fats, in childhood resulted in lower body weight; children on reduced fat diets had higher body mass and greater insulin resistance. Furthermore, in a study of Swedish adults, consumption of whole fat milk and cheese was linked to lower weight gain; and dairy fat was not linked with weight gain in a longitudinal study of adolescents.

You will notice that dairy industry mantra boils down to this: natural, whole milk designed by the Creator is “hazardous” but highly-processed and separated milk-based products are improved by Man and are “healthier.” Americans are reaping the consequences of trusting in those who profit from their advertised recommendations.

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5 responses to “New, Large Study: Eating Lots of Cheese and Dairy Products Does Not Cause Heart Disease

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  2. Not that I doubted it, but this is good to hear…. as a matter of fact, I almost distrust everything the FDA says and prefer to go with the combined historical wisdom of 7,000 years of human history.

  3. That is the way those who run things continue to stay in control.
    They systematically changed the the truth into a lie.Sally Fallon(WAP Foundation)along with others has documented this.Anyone who has talked to really old people about what they ate when they were young will find no one was fearful of animal fats and they were not filling up on( statin drugs.)They ate as much animal fat as they could.Meat butter eggs and raw unprocessed milk etc. was the basis of the diet back then.Unless you were a city dweller.Read Dr.Weston A Price and his work.He did not find one group of people who had carbohydrate or vegetarian diet as their traditional food.
    The enemy has moved people away from animal fats and put the global
    population on a carbohydrate processed food product diet.Think of the untold suffering this has caused on humanity.The question now is will these criminals be brought to justice.What is the real purpose of groups like the FDA??????? Why is there a war on small family farmers???????
    Look at the stats on chronic disease in children in the Western so called
    civilized world.
    Those who refuse to wake up to what has happened will not survive into the future.
    You may try to dispute the facts but you will not win over nature.History clearly shows that.
    You can fool some people some time.However you cannot foll all people all the time.

  4. Linda Patterson

    That was never a concern with milk for me. I can drink whole milk straight from the cow after it is cooled ofcourse and have no problems. I don’t have a problem with cheese or most milk products other than the processed milk for drinking and cereal. If it is cottage cheese, sour cream, etc, no problems. Milk in my own personal opinon is so good, icecold milk in a glass is very good. Just have to watch how much of it I have because of what producers of it do to it to perserve it.

  5. Thanks for sharing the study, Augie. I’m also glad to hear that the post about Skim Milk made #1 on your site…more people should realize the truth about that deficient substance. 🙂

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