Internet Radio: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk and Food Freedom

Federal and state food safety police agencies are on the hunt for those people who consume raw milk and the farmers that produce it. However, the Milk Wars are not about safety at all and you will hear why in this 30-minute broadcast.

Mr. Augie (that’s me) will be on Ohio Public Square radio this evening (Thursday, June 9) at 6 pm EST or anytime after in the archived edition. The topic is farm fresh milk vs. regular store milk and food freedom. Ohio Public Square radio covers Ohio-specific and national  liberty news and issues.

Here is the direct link to the show. You can call in with your questions if you like.

If you are interested in finding safe raw milk locally and economically,  consider ordering our ePaper instant download.

3 responses to “Internet Radio: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk and Food Freedom

  1. Thank you for this podcast. As a raw milk drinker/producer, I find it refreshing that we hear about the true reasons for chasing doewn the little man. Its a sad day when they put a raw milk producer in higher presidence than the meth dealers.
    We began our raw milk excursion apx. 5 years ago, joining a herd share program here in michigan. We since have purchased our own jersey cows. We enjoy all the benifits of raw foods in general. We raise chickens for meat and eggs, sheep for fiber and milk and meat, our steers for the freezer and hogs as well. We too have a garden and a greenhouse and its all done on 5 acres of land. We r of course waiting for our day and pray it will not come, but if it does our share people will also stand their ground. I keep saying strength in numbers and those numbers are growing daily.
    Thank you
    Tiffany Rich
    WoodSpryte Farm, Michigan

  2. Great job Dave! I enjoyed it very much. You are one cool smooth operator! 😉

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