Finding Your Safe Raw Milk– Locally and Economically


Fresh milk anyone? Is your raw milk source safe, economical and close by? Have you even got raw milk?

I want to tell you about my new instant ePaper.

A new resource called Finding Your Safe Local Raw Milk  is an instantly downloadable $7 ePaper to help you find dairies in your area quickly. This is like a HUGE web page—so you get all live links directly to dairies and food groups in your state and area.

This new ePaper will save you lots of time in finding a safe raw dairy in your area and there is a special bonus eBook.

In fact, I just finished updating and expanding the ePaper today. I added three additional major sources plus about 50 raw milk recipes–including the grand prize winning persimmon pudding. (If you are in Ohio, there is even a special supplement giving you all the sources and contacts for herdshares!)

But, there is BONUS– an 85-page, colorful eBook on real nutrition, including over 50 recipes including many with raw milk, fresh eggs and grass-fed beef.

* Get connected in your area to safe raw milk.
* Find out it you can find a closer, safer and more economical source for your raw milk.
* Learn the health benefits of raw milk
* Learn about the safety and quality issues that help you select the dairy right for you.

*50 raw milk recipes submitted to the Journal

* There is much more (including my perfect prose)

All of the proceeds (100%) goes toward maintaining the Journal and my other adventures in providing educational services in nutrition, vaccinations, fluoridation and, of course, farm fresh milk. –Augie

Read more about my $7 ePaper.

One response to “Finding Your Safe Raw Milk– Locally and Economically

  1. I must say this is brilliant blog! I would love to tell you about organic milk compared to local milk.It’s untouched by human, cows are fed on a special diet and not adulterated. I tried the milk, even without sugar it tastes yum.I experience fresh milk delivery everytime.

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