Unfortunately . . .

Unfortunately, all of my 600 WordPress.com user/subscribers (that is you if you received an email from the Journal titled New Post) will NO LONGER be receiving my articles UNLESS you resubscribe through Feedburner:

RESUBSCRIBE to the Journal of Natural Food and Health and get each new article sent to your email box 2-3 times a week. CLICK HERE!

I would really hate to lose your readership, but I have confirmed there is no way to transfer your email subscription automatically–as I did for all my Feedburner readers.

The reason for this is I converted to the awesome WordPress.org self-hosted platform on my livingfood.us domain with the Premium Magazine theme which gives us more widgets and plug-ins–and without the annoying ads which sometimes say the opposite of our message! Besides, it really looks much slicker, eh?

You can also see the newest article, Government Data Shows Raw Milk is Safe. (You can also resubscribe from there!)


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