Autism + ONDs

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Autism + ONDs: Recovery, Prevention and Causation

You should have noticed the acronym ONDs–Other Neurological Disorders– since I am awfully tired of saying “autism, aspergers, ADHD, AD, OCD, ODD, PDD-NOS, bipolar, paranoia, schizophrenia, and other neurological disorders.” I will be using that term some as my theory conviction is they are all wrapped into and under the same spectrum with similar causes, treatments and preventions. (That is unless, of course, there is a better abbreviation to be coined or in use.)

The Journal will be building a section on Autism/PDD and other neurological disorders. We have a 24-year old son with autism/bi-polar, ADHD, ODD etc. Once again we are on another cycle of searching to improve his condition with psychosomatic drug reduction/changes, dietary restrictions/nutritional enhancements, enzyme therapy and myriad other potentials. My wife and I have about 20 years of some study and experience in this field, I would like to catalog some of it here as well anything new we find during this new phase of research and implementation.

UPDATED 10/18/2010 — We have accelerated our recovery program for my son in the past two months. We have nearly eliminated sugar for the past 6 months, added cod liver oil and custom-compounded vitamin/mineral supplements, reduced Risperadal from 9 to 3 mg/day, replaced Depakote with Lamactil, eliminated an anxious pill. The tremors have subsided mostly. Annie and I designed a daily monitoring chart with 10 problem behaviors that is being completed by the implementers (caregivers).

We have a team of volunteer specialists as well as a general DO with nutrition background, a DAN-doctor/autism practitioner, a Psychiatrist and a doctor of nutrition, all who agree to be on the team and involved in the program. I asked the Psych to prescribe a 3-time weekly rigorous exercise at the YMCA (this helps with brain chemicals, in addition to the obvious).

This is in addition to gaining interest, commitment and action from the caregiver team in the special group home and the caseworkers with the county MR/DD. They really want to help. Most important my son appears interested and willing–and has been cooperative with compliance (an obstacle we were most concerned with–with defiant types). We will probably be adding other specialists and parents as we move along. We have added to our library of research papers and books.

This program is being developed in a Phased approach– developing each Phase as we move it along. Phase 2 will address the white flour/pasta/carbohydrate problem and their replacements along with addition of yogurt.

I am beginning to learn about enzyme therapy for digestive and metabolic health and have two of the best sources that specialize in autism and other disorders. I will be taking a live course on the Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) and their nutritional protocol and will modify it for the specific case. I will be taking a live course in Homeopathic methods–as I am convinced that there are successful methods to be investigated. Available also very nearby is a doctor specialist, an author and widely known in the US and Europe, in IV-chelation that will be studied and used if it is indicated. I am in the middle of a 12-part DVD series on the human body and how it heals to be followed by a 12-part DVD series on how the brain and neurological system functions.

I recently added posts from superior writers and parents at the top of the GO DIRECTLY TO THE AUTISM + ONDs COLUMN OF THE JOURNAL

This is why I needed to take a Family Medical Leave of Absence from the local health department. So I will turn my efforts from being so intensely involved in the raw milk movement and Annie and I will focus more on the Autism + OND program as well as nutrition, immunity and vaccination education. We will also work on the new local Living Food bulletin and the iShop with related eBooks, with the view of my readers giving us assistance while helping yourselves.

This Update will be posted as a a Front Page item soon with more information on the program fundamentals.– Augie



We will start by directing you to the Autism Research Institute at . This is the largest and oldest autism organization in the U.S.

Their affiliate, Defeat Autism Now (DAN) campaign, is led by doctors, many with autistic children, is at They teach and research methods for significant improvements and, in some cases, cures.

Also, if you are seeking a DAN-certified health practitioner for treatments for autism and related disorders, you can find them here:


13 responses to “Autism + ONDs

  1. I have an Autistic Step son and ADHD son. Suger is one of the worst things I have found with these kids you can really tell when they have had some. Also video games/ computer games we took him off gaming and I thought the results were amazing.

  2. Great stuff on autism looking forward to more.


    Curtis Maybin

  3. I have been on a journey towards better health/functioning with my son for over 12 years now (he’s 14 – severe “autism”) , I just read the UltraMind Solution by Mark Hyman – awesome book!!! I find there are not near enough doctors skilled in looking for individual issues as this book describes is so important to do in tough cases. He gives a very thorough map towards wellness.. (is anti-dairy though, but raw milk isn’t mentioned) – overall it is one of the best books regarding healing I have read.

  4. I am not affiliated with this site at all. I’m just doing the diet for my own depression. Go to to treat autism. Good luck.

  5. Have you researched PANDAS? My daughter was diagnosed with this a year ago. She was never diagnosed with Autism, although it was suspected by us in her first years of life. She WAS diagnosed, however, with ADD, Tourette’s, Bipolar, OCD, and a host of other “possible co-morbids” like ODD. has a wealth of information about this disorder that is just coming to light. It is basically rheumatic fever of the BRAIN.

    **Some children never show signs of sore throat, etc and “typical” strep symptoms at all, but rather through neurological issues that can crop up either rapidly (overnight onset even!) or gradually, as in the case of my daughter. I believe my daughter first had a strep infection at 11 days old.**

    PANDAS stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuro-psychiatric Disorder Associated with Streptococcus.

  6. Olive Leaf Extract is highly recommended for PANDAS – I suspect my son may have PANDAS (he has OCD big time). Blood tests are no longer an option though, so I’ve been researching safe ways to calm the inflammation in case it is an issue. Coconut oil also sounds very promising, I’m reading The Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife – using coconut oil in everything I bake/cook for my son now.

  7. I haven’t started giving my son OLE yet, but from reading about it OLE is supposedly is a strong immune system builder, a strong antioxidant, and has antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal properties and very safe. When I say it comes “highly recommended” for PANDAS I mean that when I discuss suspecting my son may suffer from PANDAS the other moms on my yahoo biomed groups consistenly rave about the wonderful results OLE has clearing Strep issues and relieving OCD caused by PANDAS. Most books I read recommend antibiotics for PANDAS but I don’t currently have that option because blood draws/testing/finding a doctor that knows how to treat PANDAS are not things I have had much luck with to put it mildly. I am trying to learn safe, long term options and OLE is something I will probably be trying in the near future. Coconut oil also has lots of studies showing it is has antibacterial/antiviral/antifungal properties, and it is totally safe for long term use too, so I’m already adding that to my son’s diet in a variety of ways hoping that will help.

  8. Just wondering… how can i get my A.I daughter tested for pandas? Does it have to be by a DAN doc? Also, I am wondering if there is a connection between Pandas and Group B strep. I was confirmed to have Group B strep when i was pregnant with her… I may be way off track here but would be interesting to take a survey of Group B strep moms who have A.I kids if such a survey hasn’t already been done.

    • I had to look PANDAS up —Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal infections. DAN docs are usually up to speed on these types of things–and I would google Great Plains Laboratories for testing– I think Dr Shaw had mentioned the strep problem, but I may be mistaken. I cannot comment on the other parts of your post.+ There is a PANDAS support group on Yahoo I thought.

  9. Look up an Ayurvedic nutritionist and chiropracter in New Jersey named Marianne Teitelbaum ( and her mentor, Vaidya Rama Kant Mishra ( I recently attended the National Ayurvedic Medical Conference where both were presenting; they follow Ayurvedic protocols for detoxifying the body and have had tremendous success with many diseases, including autism and vaccine injury. One of Dr. Teitelbaum’s young patients was in attendance and she told his story; he now presents as “normal” and was “kicked out” of autism school as he shows no more symptoms. This young man spoke to us, and is very grateful for the treatment he received.

    Ayurvedic treatments for disorders of the nerves may include warm sesame oil massage (there’s a special technique used to help energy flow correctly), a nutritious cooked whole foods diet for calming the nervous system, and herbs to help detoxify the organs. These treatments are individualized as the patient needs to be assessed to find their baseline nature and their energy imbalance. Recommendations are made for daily routine, seasonal shifts, and more.

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