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Local Living Food Bulletins and Healthy Kids Recipe/Teaching Cards

MADISON, WISCONSIN (April 10, 2010)– The ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) announced the introduction of a companion set of educational materials for family and children health and nutrition at the 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium held at the Monona Terrace Hilton in Madison, Wisconsin. The Symposium was sponsored by the Farm to Consumer Foundation.

A new local bulletin service called Living Food helps connect consumers to farm fresh foods and features recipes with health benefit information. “We are pleased to have a line-up of real food producers as national, state and local sponsors to begin the test marketing and initial distribution in three locales–Canton, Ohio; Boise, Idaho and Salt Lake City, Utah” said David M. Augenstein (Augie), publisher of the Journal of Natural Food and Healing and the new bulletin service. “The concept is really simple: providing local connections to healthy farm food with instruction on proper preparation for optimal nutrition which can  greatly assist in maintaining and restoring health in the family” A sample and sponsorship/advertising details are available at .(Its Facebook fan page is http://facebook/com/livingfood gathered nearly 700 fans since its Easter Day opening).

In addition, a Healthy Kids Recipe book–which can be digitally downloaded– will be available in May. It features nutrient-dense recipes kids can prepare using farm fresh ingredients for breakfast, lunch and dinner–including treats–and provides some education on the ingredients and why they are healthy. Kids can cut out the cards, color the pictures and put them on a ring to hang in the kitchen. There is also a Parents Guide with further health information. Author Anji Sandage says “When children learn about nutrition early, it helps improve the health in the home and in society. Kids learn a lot from being in the kitchen with you: They learn about measuring, arithmetic, science and nutritional health, they build self esteem and independence.” The Healthy Kids Recipe Book is working toward improving the nutritional deficit in the home by teaching children early about cooking and health. “When they taste the difference and feel better they will learn the importance of eating right– and may even experience some healing” Anji explains.

Finally, the ARMi and its A3 Division, announced it will also be deploying a new e-book called Liberation Wellness by Kevin Brown, rounding out the companion offerings.  This short, power-packed e-book provides with adults with instruction on diet, weight loss, excerise and nutrition– showing how much of what we hear on these subjects from public health, health care industry and the food industry are just plain wrong.

The e-book, e-cards and the Living Food e-bulletin will be available in a bundle or separately– and in hard-copy– by April 20. The ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale) is a  state-specific internet service in all fifty states promoting family farm food freedom (4-F) and health education and related events with connections to real food in each area. Its prime information is located on Facebook pages from its website at .


The e-book, e-cards and the Living Food e-bulletin will be available in a bundle or separately– and in hard-copy– here at the Journal sometime in May. If you are interested in a local Living Food bulletin service for your county area, or want to distribute the national edition at your meetings, seminars and farmers markets, email for details. –Augie

Now Donated to the Dairy Industry/Public: FREE DVD/Book on Safe Raw Milk Production


Being in Madison, WI the evening before the 2nd International Raw Milk Symposium, I have been able to spend time already with some of the organizers and speakers– and enjoy a great dinner with a new author in children’s nutrition for kids (more tomorrow). It was only yesterday the news of this major donation was sent out, so I am delighted to share it. This is something anyone providing fresh, raw milk to their friends, families, neighbors and associates should see, read and practice in their operations. (Tomorrow, another announcement will be made concerning the Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale and a new release of products– stay tuned.)

Press Release–April 7, 2010–Falls Church, Virginia  

Food safety and optimal nutrition aren’t mutually exclusive goals according to organic farming legend, Tim Wightman. A farming expert, Wightman teaches dairy farmers to reach well beyond conventional food safety goals. He mentors farmers in low-tech yet high quality approaches to production of intrinsically safe and optimally nutritious raw milk.  
A modern pioneer of the cowshare/herdshare concept, Wightman now serves as President of the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation. The 501(c)(3) educational non-profit aims to equip farmers and consumers with safety advice on raw dairy products via conferences, tele-seminars and printed materials.

The Foundation now provides two of Wightman’s educational tools to the public free of charge. These free resources include online copies of Raw Milk Production Handbook and a micro dairy farm educational DVD, Chore Time available at .”We believe all food can be produced safely, including raw milk,” says Wightman.  “These materials are the starting point for a collaborative effort to develop ‘best practices’ to guide dairy farms working to meet the rising demand for raw milk from pasture-raised cows, whether the legal framework is loose (as with voluntary farm-to-consumer standards for cow shares) or more formal (as with larger scale retail sales).”

Steve Bemis, attorney and Foundation Board Member, asserts that these free resources are an important step in building a working relationship on raw dairy safety issues. “In many cases, academic and government entities will not (for policy and ethical reasons) link to resources that are for sale; so, by providing these ‘freeware’ resources, we hope to encourage links from others’ websites, and thereby engage a broader audience,” Bemis explains.

The announcement of the free online resources is being made in conjunction with the 2nd Annual International Raw Milk Symposium being held in Madison, Wisconsin this Saturday, April 10, 2010 which is sponsored by the Foundation. The event is open to the public. For more details, visit or call 703-208-FARM (3276) (10 a.m. – 6 p.m. EDT).

The Handbook and DVD, as well as the booklet, Safe Handling:  Consumers’ Guide to Fresh, Unprocessed Whole Milk by Peggy Beals, RN, will continue to be for sale as hardcopies at

The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, through education and charitable relief, supports farmers engaged in sustainable farm stewardship and promotes consumer access to raw milk and local, nutrient-dense food.


The Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund defends the rights and broadens the freedoms of family farms and protects consumer access to raw milk and nutrient dense foods. Both organizations are based in Falls Church, Virginia. The phone number is 703-208-FARM (3276).

As Seen on TV: Drastic Health Effects from School Junk Lunches

The Jamie Oliver Show on ABC featured a 43-minute show on the Real Food Revolution. The locale is Huntington, WV– the sickest and one of the fattest cities in America. The footage of the school food is enough to make you sick–poor children– jobbed out to the state to indoctrinate– and then feed them very poor food. This is well worth the time–so many of my readers emailed me and highly recommended it. Study after study with schoolchildren, school lunches (junk food) causes obesity, diabetes and many other health and learning problems including behavior and learning difficulties. The solution from the USDA and school food giants (part of the government/corporate partnership is to “nourish them more” by offering breakfast and dinner.

Then the school psychologists (dumbed-down by universities and continued indoctrination disguised as education) recommends psychiatric treatment to control behaviors through psychosomatic drugs promoting life-long dependency on the public health care system and medical establishment.

Go to this Jamie Oliver Show.

Pasteurized vs. Pasturized Dairy

Heidi Stevenson is a writer from Scotland and a member of the UK-ARM. She published an article in Gaia Health yesterday and sent it to me. I like the article because it is a very clear explanation of the difference between clean, natural raw milk and store bought– much of which is termed factory-type dairies. It is a perfect food article to introduce folks to. I think you will agree that most folks are getting skimmed of their dollars going to the milk monopoly. At the end she tells all the global readers to join up with the ARMi and gives the three main links to connect. Meanwhile, I was down in world’s largest settlement of the Amish today and came back with another load of blessings and special encounters. I wanted to barter for some laying hens for a small space on our new publication called Living Foods, but ended up with an offer of raw cheese and veal–but opted for a mental credit toward a quarter of a grass-fed Red Devon steer. I am really happy to now introduce Heidi from Scotland .(Don’t forget to subscribe this blog ARMi Posts to stay abreast of the action and be the best you can be–for non-Facebookers, too.)

Skip Pasteurized. Drink Milk From Pasturized Cows.

by Heidi Stevenson

25 March 2010

The only healthy milk comes from contented cows living natural cow lives in pastures. If you want milk that’s full of pus resulting from the mastitis of sick cows, then drink pasteurized milk. Healthy raw milk comes from healthy cows. Sick pasteurized milk comes from sick cows living in sick environments.

When cows are stored in sick environments, they become sick and produce sick milk requiring pasteurization so it won’t kill you. Modern factory farming reduces dairy cattle to barely living milk-producing sacs. They are pain-wracked, live in fear, are starved for relationships with their fellows, pumped full of antibiotics and other system-changing drugs. Obviously, they can produce only sick milk.

Because milk from factory-raised sick cows is sick, it’s pasteurized so it won’t kill you—at least, not quickly. It will, though, kill you slowly.

Natural raw milk is a living food. It contains enzymes, which help convert it to other healthy foods, like cheese. Instead of going rancid like pasteurized milk, raw milk sours, providing us with a huge range of delicacies, like French cheeses, Dutch cheeses, British cheeses, Wisconsin cheeses, yogurt, and kefir.

Yes, raw milk is full of bacteria. Don’t say, “Hah! I knew it. That stuff is really bad and dangerous.” After all, what is it about yogurt that’s so good for you? Right, it’s probiotics, which is a cute word meaning good bacteria. Besides, did you know that pasteurized milk also contains loads of bacteria? The difference is that it’s all dead, so none of the good bacteria is there for you—but you’re still eating the bodies of dead bacteria, both good and bad.

. . . read the rest of her latest article.

ARMi : Raw Milk Farm Fans Moving Now into D.C. and London

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (March 19, 2010)– DC-ARM! The Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) is pleased to announce the last unit in the U.S. group for the Washington, D.C. and the District of Columbia to add to all 50 states and 8 countries. A major movement is heading to DC for Rally Saturday and in London!

ARMi members believe in freedom of choice in food, farming and health. It is comprised of members and chapter leaders of The Weston A. Price Foundation, leading dairy producers and educators, autism professionals, and groups of liberty lovers acting as Regional and State Directors and country coordinators, as well as in numerous local units now forming. This announcement comes right before the Second International Raw Milk Symposium held April 10 in Madison Wisconsin (see right panel notice).

All non-Facebook need to subscribe to this blog to join. Now is the time to act. 

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Join ARMi. Be the Best You Can Be.

Adding 150-300 members a day now.

This story will update every 2 hours at The ARMi Posts.

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U.S. Organic Restaurant Guide: Healthy Eats Here!

Buy and instantly download the ebook here


Going out of town? Where do you find the real grub? Often when I eat at a restaurant that I don’t know, I walk out with a greasy feeling that feels like it permeates all my cells and the artificial excitotoxins keep tingling my tongue. And it takes most of the day for these symptoms to wear off. No need to take this chance with this downloadable ebook that can even install on your phone, palm or laptop.

Hundreds of listings across the United States in this e-book help you find that hidden gem down the street. Author Holly Hickman (pictured below), world traveler and food critic, has dined in all the places she recommends.

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Raw Milk Proponents Expect Large Crowd at Wisconsin Raw Milk Hearing

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WISCONSIN: Pack Up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies– It’s the Raw Milk Traveling Salvation Show!

Raw Milk Proponents Expect Large Crowd at Wisconsin Raw Milk Hearing

March 5, 2010–Washington, D.C.–The Campaign for Real Milk, spearheaded by the Weston A. Price Foundation, a non-profit nutrition education foundation, expects a strong turnout at the raw milk hearings in Wisconsin next Wednesday, March 10, 2010 in Eau Claire, WI.

A bill that would legalize the sale of raw milk and raw milk products has been introduced in both the Wisconsin General Assembly (AB 628) and the Senate (SB 434).

A previously planned public assembly hearing in Madison on March 16, 2010 has been rescheduled for the same date and moved to the Eau Claire location. Now, a joint-hearing for the raw milk bill by both the Assembly and Senate committees will be on the same day of March 10. The members of both committees will be in attendance.  For background on the situation, see blog Wisconsin Raw Milk Ground Zero,

Max Kane, an advocate of consumer rights to raw milk, expects a strong turnout, even though the location is further away from population centers. “I have done numerous surveys of raw milk enthusiasts and cow share owners and upwards of 80  percent of those I surveyed say they plan to make this hearing and other important events that will increase consumer freedoms.”

“Anybody who cares about raw milk and food freedom needs to take this opportunity to show their support by attending this event,” explains Kathryne Pirtle, author of Performance without Pain, which details her recovery from chronic illness using raw milk products. “I am anticipating over one thousand people will attend the hearing. We must rally in Wisconsin for the changes that need to happen in our entire country in regards to raw milk.”

Activism for passage of more liberal raw milk laws has been spurred by the Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk (part of ARMi), which includes consumers desiring raw milk for their health and farmers wishing to provide this healthy food to the public. The meeting will take place at the Chippewa Valley Technical College in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, 620 W. Clairemont Ave., Room 106/Auditorium 10:00 am. Early arrival and carpooling are advised, as parking is limited.

The Weston A. Price Foundation is a 501c3 nutrition education non-profit based in Washington, DC. The foundation  is dedicated to restoring nutrient-dense foods to the human diet through education, research and activism. For more information visit their and websites.

Media Contact:  Kimberly Hartke, Weston A. Price Foundation Publicist 703-860-2711, cell 703-675-5557


CORRECTION: It is overstated in this News Release that WARM and ARMi has spurred the activism– a little of it for sure. In fact, other groups such as the Wisconsin Independent Farm and Consumer Association, state and local chapters of The Weston A. Price Foundation, and other farm and dairy groups have done far more for much longer. Being the originator of the ARMi, I should know.– Augie

Join the ARMi at

WISCONSIN: Pack Up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies– It’s the Raw Milk Traveling Salvation Show!

WANTED: 2000 Raw Milk and Farm Fresh Food Freedom Lovers

500 recruited as of Friday

Now it is up to you

Pack up the babies and grab the old ladies, it’s the Raw Milk Traveling Salvation show. Come out to the showdown of Wisconsin raw milk and real food freedom lovers (with surrounding state supporters) with the State Legislative Committees in Eau Claire this Wednesday, March 10 at 10 am at the Chippewa Valley Technical School Auditorium. Flyer here. This is the effort and time to support the proposed raw milk bills and to speak out on the changes you want. Prepared talks will be delivered by the raw milk proponents and opposition.

I spoke to Pete Kennedy, President of the Farm-to-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, twice today. He said that in no other time has it been so crucial that hundreds of people need to gather to show the Wisconsin legislation committees that Wisconsin dairies and raw milk consumers want raw milk available. This week, Mark McAfee, owner of the largest U.S. dairy providing raw milk products, said NUMBERS of pro raw milkers that attend will be the determining factor if raw milk remains legally available in Wisconsin.

This is March 10, 2010 at 10. That is 10/10 at 10. We cannot have just 100 people there, we need 1000-2000 to make it clear. It is FREE after all! We estimated on Friday that only 500 will attend based on our accounting with incomplete data. You’ll need at least 1000. Nearly 100 ARMi troops will be present as of today. Wisconsin and America’s dairylands need more boots on the ground. Spread the Word, too!

Unless there is a funeral, there is no excuse to miss this event, Pete had said. Grab your families, friends, neighbors and whole families and get to Eau Claire on Wednesday.

Come early for the rally outdoors before and after the hearing.

Facebookers: Look at some of those coming and RSVP at the event posting.

Now it is time to join up with your state ARMi for actions in other states.

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Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale–Rise and Expansion: ARMs in 15 states, 7 countries

I have not been posting much lately. I have been working on another project called Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi). Currently there are 15 states and 7 countries that have joined the ARMi. Today we are introducing our new logo and website at .

ARMi is a network of state/provincial /country sites where people post relevant news and articles, source of raw milk nearby and legislative, regulatory and enforcement actions. The motto is Family.Farm.Food.Freedom. Yes, it is a 4-F Project. The mission is not just about raw milk; it is about the freedom to choose the foods we deem to be healthy for our families and the right to farm our own property without undue government interference. It is also about making farm fresh, wholesome natural foods more accessible to the consumer and contribute to the fast growing segment of food industry. It is also about education, communication and information exchange to benefit members and food groups. Bottom line, it is about Connections and Resources.

These are FaceBook pages so if you are not in the Facebook community of 50 million, you will need to sign up with as little or as much information as you like. You will be prompted to sign up when you try to join the group near you.

There have been so many successes since Christmas Day when we officially launched Wisconsin ARM (WARM) that now has almost 800 members. We counted 80 people coming to the Viraqua WI Max Kane court/rally and about 80 people coming to the Michael Schmidt court/rally through our survey system. Now Georgia ARM (opened on January 21 and has 190 members) have announced they will attend two legislative hearings.

Over 40 bloggers and website operators have already said they will promote ARMi and many will be using our new logo on their sites. Soon we will be launching a national campaign to inform more people about the ARMi to recruit more members. It is not only free, fun and easy to particpate and prmote, it is very rewarding. Please take a moment and answer the following poll on how you will be promoting  the ARMi and your state ARMi.

If you would like to contribute to the development of your state ARM through posting and inviting other prospective farmers and lovers of real food, please email and tell us what ya got with a link to learn more about you. But for now, go to the new webpage for everyone at to see the entire network, including non-Facebookers and go to your state or country and join!

ARMi has a host of industry notables as co-directors, such as Mark McAfee, Kimberly Hartke, Michael Schmidt and Tom German and many others.

Tweet at Twitter: AMRi news feed at Short Link to this page 

The ARMi network would not have grown so fast had it not been for Anji Sandage (who writes and incredibly good blog called the Mean Rooster at and runs the 3000-member Raw Milk facebook site. Thanks, Anji. Soon I will get back to writing more!

National Stop the Vaccinations Campaign is Launched

This is to notify our subscribers that a campaign to make parents STOP, first learn and think twice about vaccinations– especially the swine flu and seasonal flu, has been launched tonight, after trial runs. This is an educational and awareness program. Go to our new permalink called for free gear: e-button logos, car signs, posters and stickers. Some may be customized for your state or country.

Our focus during the next couple of months will be on vaccinations and autism/PDD and other lifelong disorders directly correlated to vaccinations and potential recovery methods through nutrition and other treatments. However, we will also be bringing to you health studies on the miracle of vitamin D3, nitrates in meats and some recipes too.