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Menu of the Year Awarded: The Weston A. Price Foundation International Conference

For the second year in a row, the Journal of Natural Food and Healing has awarded the Menu of the Year to the chefs, menu planners and donors of the naturally produced farm food for The Weston A. Price Foundation’s International conference to be held November 11-14, near Philadelphia. (Okay, we did not look at any other menus– but how could you beat this one?)

If things go right, an attempt to beat this one, at least in many categories, may be sponsored by the Journal and Living Food– our new bulletin.  This would be prepared by three-time winner Gold Medal award winner of the International Olympics in Culinary Arts- Chef Fetty– at an undisclosed world-class resort in the heart of the world’s largest Amish country. (Okay it may be dinner of just 4– even though the dining area can seat 150 ) He is already using local naturally grown foods and wants to upgrade more.)

Of course, many of our readers will be there, as well as ARMi Facebook folks, including myself. I am going to hear Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on autism recovery and a full-day session on Homeopathy on Monday. Here are some examples of some of the menus that match the caliber of speakers for the 3-day event, including icon Joel Salatin speaking at “Everything I Want to Eat is Illegal” banquet dinner.

I am wondering how many readers are going, have gone before, or who may want to plan to come next year. You should leave a comment to that affect or any other comment. You may review the Agenda here or by clicking the  Banner to the left.

Horsemen Trails Farm Pastured Tunis Lamb Breakfast Sausage Links
Pennsylvania Pastured Pork Breakfast Sausage
Thankful Harvest Grass-fed TenderHeart Beef Breakfast Sausage

Pennsylvania Pastured Pork
French Toast with Atwater’s Sourdough Cranberry Pecan Bread

Miller’s Organic Farm Maple Syrup

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FDA Has Gone Nuts: Walnuts and Other Foods Are Drugs

Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food. Hippocrates.

Since food is medicine, and medicine is food, the Food and Drug Administration, an agency of Health and Human Services, is requiring that claims of food health benefits by sellers, must have federal licensing and scientific proof of such claims. This is to harmonize with Codex Alimentarius, global food and drug control standards.

Dr. Gary Null writes that it is a criminal act to mention that walnuts have health benefits without FDA licensing and approval. This is being extended to all foods.

Some of these actions are reasonable for the abuse of package claims based on fraudulent trick science by Big Food, but they will also be going after good people with good, healthy products that teach nutritional science on their product literature. I am hopeful and there are good people in FDA and other agencies that are fighting against this. Are you?– Augie

More and more letters like this one sent to Diamond Foods are being sent via certified mail and followed up by FDA agents and attorneys in their regional and district offices: Continue reading

The Poop on Corn

Roastin' Ears-- serve with salt and butter!

Roastin' Ears-- serve with salt and butter!

A most interesting article, Think More Kindly of Corn; What It Lacks in Nutrition, It Makes Up on Cleanup , was published in Washington Post’s Eat, Drink and Be Healthy column by Jennifer Huget. We know that corn does not digest well for many and these folks are fed up with corn. If you have a intestinal discomfort from eating corn, there are soaking methods (with canning lime and water) to increase nutrient absorption and make it more digestible. This can help.

Janet talks about the nutrients in corn, but I wanted to point out some of the good work of the outer hull does for the gut. Here is the extract: Continue reading

Getting the Most Out of Your Grains

wholegrainsKristen Michaelis, the Food Renegade down in Leander, Texas, wrote another fine article this week called How to Eat Grains.

She discusses the proper preparation of the grains to get the maximum nutrient absorption into our bodies with easier digestion.

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