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Nature’s Fast Food That’s Better than Raw: Sauerkraut and Lacto-Fermented Vegetables

Being a natural and effective probiotic, fermented vegetables will assist in healing digestive disorders—a major root cause of many health problems. Lactoferments like sauerkraut are highly recommended by more and more nutritionists and health practitioners everywhere. You can make this medicine right at home for the cost of a cabbage.

About four years ago, news from a biolab in Indonesia experimenting with the bird flu viruses, discovered that many of the infected chickens who ate sauerkraut was cured in a few days. The news was broadcast in St. Paul, MN on the local TV news and it caused such a demand for sauerkraut, local stores sold out and sauerkraut makers, for a few days, were busy trying to find more cabbages to buy. Continue reading

Menu of the Year Awarded: The Weston A. Price Foundation International Conference

For the second year in a row, the Journal of Natural Food and Healing has awarded the Menu of the Year to the chefs, menu planners and donors of the naturally produced farm food for The Weston A. Price Foundation’s International conference to be held November 11-14, near Philadelphia. (Okay, we did not look at any other menus– but how could you beat this one?)

If things go right, an attempt to beat this one, at least in many categories, may be sponsored by the Journal and Living Food– our new bulletin.  This would be prepared by three-time winner Gold Medal award winner of the International Olympics in Culinary Arts- Chef Fetty– at an undisclosed world-class resort in the heart of the world’s largest Amish country. (Okay it may be dinner of just 4– even though the dining area can seat 150 ) He is already using local naturally grown foods and wants to upgrade more.)

Of course, many of our readers will be there, as well as ARMi Facebook folks, including myself. I am going to hear Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on autism recovery and a full-day session on Homeopathy on Monday. Here are some examples of some of the menus that match the caliber of speakers for the 3-day event, including icon Joel Salatin speaking at “Everything I Want to Eat is Illegal” banquet dinner.

I am wondering how many readers are going, have gone before, or who may want to plan to come next year. You should leave a comment to that affect or any other comment. You may review the Agenda here or by clicking the  Banner to the left.

Horsemen Trails Farm Pastured Tunis Lamb Breakfast Sausage Links
Pennsylvania Pastured Pork Breakfast Sausage
Thankful Harvest Grass-fed TenderHeart Beef Breakfast Sausage

Pennsylvania Pastured Pork
French Toast with Atwater’s Sourdough Cranberry Pecan Bread

Miller’s Organic Farm Maple Syrup

Continue reading

The Gift of Living Food

8-page Living Food bulletin

Sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass and more (recipes) with articles on their health benefits.

Get it email by Friday or Saturday for $5 online credit card/PayPal– plus your purchase will provide the gift of Living Food to 5 families and distributed by Officers of the ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale)

After seeing the sample issue, you may also want to purchase them in sets of 25 for $1 each. Makes a great handout or a fundraising project (micro-business for the kids). You will also be supporting the Journal and its other projects. (I have not set out my tip jar yet.)

Raw Milk and Sugars/Artificial Sweeteners will be the topics in Issue 2 and 3.

The iShop (E-books and edibles) opening is now set to open early August. Check out Living Food here— a sample is provided — Augie

Bulletin: Living Food

I have been wanting to put out a publication just like this for over four years.  I am pleased to offer it and hope some of my readers will get plenty of copies and start circulating them.– Augie 

NOW AVAILABLE, the paper version of Living Food . . . local connections to healthy foods, farms and life.

Living Food contains nutrient-dense recipes with related health benefits, all  in a timeless 8-page  bulletin– each with a food group theme. The first is on Lacto-ferments, the second will be on Farm Fresh Milk and Its Products and the third will be on Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners.

Internet, blogs and such are sure great . . . but there is nothing quite like paper . . . hard copy.

We announced the Living Food bulletin back in March at the International Raw Milk Symposium– and now Living Food is here today.

This is an easy way to have fun spreading the politically-incorrect message of real food freedom and make money, too. Continue reading