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Third Annual Raw Milk Symposium Coming to Minneapolis

I went to this conference last year and would recommend it to anyone interested in mooving the raw milk message, health benefits and politics of milk.  If you go, be ready for a jam-packed day and evening of information and meeting good people from all over.–Augie

The explosive increase in raw milk consumption—according to CDC statistics, at least ten million Americans now consume raw milk—has created innovative partnerships between consumers and their farmers. By accepting responsibility in their food choices, Americans are paving the way to the next phase of the US local food movement: partnership with producers to ensure we a way of providing raw milk and other healthy foods that our families require for good health.

The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation and the Foundation for Consumer Free Choice will co-host the Third Annual Raw Milk Symposium: Producer-Consumer-Choice in Bloomington, Minnesota. The event will be held on Saturday, May 7, 2011, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at the Embassy Suites Hotel in Bloomington. It is open to the public. Farmers and consumers are especially invited to learn more about the safety and health benefits of Raw Milk as well as the critical relationship between producers and Consumers.

Featured speakers: Ted Beals, M.S., M.D. retired pathologist on raw milk safety; Sally Fallon Morell, M.A., President of the Weston A. Price Foundation, David Gumpert, Author of The Raw Milk Revolution, Sylvia Onusic, Ph.D. on the European perspective; Michael Schmidt biodynamic farmer from Canada; Catherine Shanahan, M.D., Author of Deep Nutrition and Food Rules; Alan Watson , Author of 21 Days to a Healthy Heart and Cereal Killer.

Interested parties may register online or by telephone. Visit the website to register. The cost is $40 to attend the Symposium (no meals included, 8 and under free). A lunch ticket is available for $25.00, and the Fundraiser Reception and Dinner is $100.00. To register by phone, call 703-208-3276.

For more information about the event, or to exhibit, please contact Symposium Coordinator, Christie Boyd, 513-407-8899,

The Farm-to-Consumer Foundation through education and charitable relief, supports farmers engaged in sustainable farm stewardship and promotes consumer access to local, nutrient dense food.

To learn more about the Farm-to-Consumer Foundation, or to make a donation, visit their website, The phone number is: 513-407-8899.


FDA: Illegal for Individuals to Cross State Lines to Get Raw Milk

Federal Raw Milk Suit: FDA Answers the Judge

by Pete Kennedy, Esq.
In an unsurprising response to questions submitted to it by a federal judge, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asserted that any commercial transaction involving the transport of raw milk for human consumption across state lines is subject to the agency’s jurisdiction and is illegal. It is now a matter of public record that, in FDA’s view, even individual consumers crossing state lines to purchase raw milk and bringing the milk back to their home state to consume it are violating the law.
Read all about it:

The Big Fat Debate: Fat-Free and Low-Fat Diets Questioned

Commercial messages and government health information constantly tell us that eating stuff with fats will make us sick and eventually kill us.  I was shocked to see the National Dairy Council’s website touting that a healthy diet includes several helpings of skim or low-fat milk and other products each day. Once again propaganda from the government/corporate/academia partnerships are selling you industrial oils while skimming you on the milk  in the name health– and you pay for it all. I clipped this article from Civil Eats by Kristin Wartman who writes about the big fat debate.

The Big Fat Debate

by Kristin Wartman

The low-fat trend finally appears to be on its way out. The notion that saturated fats are detrimental to our health is deeply embedded in our Zeitgeist—but shockingly, the opposite just might be true. For over 50 years the medical establishment, public health officials, nutritionists, and dieticians have been telling the American people to eat a low-fat diet, and in particular, to avoid saturated fats. Only recently, have nutrition experts begun to encourage people to eat “healthy fats.”

This past December, the Los Angeles Times reported that excess carbohydrates and sugar, not fat, are responsible for America’s obesity and diabetes epidemics. One of the lead researchers in this field, Dr. Frank Hu, professor of nutrition and epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health, said, “The country’s big low-fat message backfired. The overemphasis on reducing fat caused the consumption of carbohydrates and sugar in our diets to soar. That shift may be linked to the biggest health problems in America today.” Another expert, Dr. Walter Willett, chairman of the department of nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health, said, “Fat is not the problem.” Continue reading

Certified Organic Milk Is Not What It’s Whipped Up to Be

I grabbed another story today put out by Rady at her great blog called Food Freedom. Tom Philpot comes down on Horizon certified organic milk in this piece. It is rather easy to note the deceptive labeling of these products and that consumers are being skimmed for sure.

I had taken my shot at Organic Valley late last year when they banned raw milk sellers and herdshares and canceled some contracts nationally. At a meeting I attended last week, two OV reps and I discussed the action by the OV board. It is strictly a matter of liability and a tarnished public perception that could cream their sales should there be an sickness outbreak from an OV producer (ya know, how the national and state media outlets run crazy when two or more people get diarrhea for the raw milk). This is similar to the Whole Foods decision to take all raw milk off its shelves a month earlier. All of this has increased the demand for real milk from those who decide to deal in the true white stuff. Well, enough of my intro and on to tonight’s post giving Horizon milk a good whipping.–Augie

Despite Horizon brand, dairy giant Dean Foods really doesn’t get organic

By Tom Philpott

Dean Foods is by far the largest U.S. dairy processor. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Dean processes 40 percent of fluid milk consumed in the U.S., which it distrubutes in a dizzying array of brands. Its dominance extends to organic milk, too — Dean’s Horizon brand is the largest supplier of organic milk.

Dean’s Horizon organic milk generates plenty of controversy. For years, Horizon has been sparring with the watchdog group Cornucopia over its farming practices, like use of conventionally raised heifers on its certified-organic farms. Cornucopia also goes after Dean for putting additives in its “organic” products. The latest dust-up is over a new Horizon product called “Fat-Free Milk Plus DHA Omega-3.”

Continue reading

Mass Fluoride Medication in Water Supplies Based on Fraudulent Science: You Decide

Fluoridation of municipal water supplies at its outset in the 40s was based on fraudulent science, according to an article released tonight by Sylvia Onusic.  As I have said on my fluoride and environmental deception column:  Americans are unknowingly being medicated and overdosed without being informed as to the health dangers. Under federal laws it amounts to unethical and possible criminal behavior– especially since the science of its toxicity is well-documented. On my next installment, I will give you a list of at least 500 reference mostly from peer-reviewed journals put together in a book released in November. But for now, I am convinced the mass drugging is much like vaccinations: unsafe, ineffective and unnecessary.–Augie

Here is the introduction to Sylvia’s article:

Anti-fluoride RALLY in Australia. Banned largely in Europe, but only a few cities in America.

The Great Fluoride Experiment at Grand Rapids

By Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD, with contributions by Aliss Terpstra, CN

The city officials of Grand Rapids in the 1940s had no idea that fluoridation chemicals were toxic industrial waste contaminated with lead and arsenic. They had been reassured that fluoridation was just the “adjustment” of natural fluoride levels. The US Public Health Department, headed by the “father of fluoridation,” H. Trendley Dean, had examined the teeth of children drinking water with high natural fluoride and then approved what was supposed to be a 15 to 20 year study of artificial fluoridation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The teeth of 30,000 school children were to be monitored up to adulthood, to show the American public that water fluoridation was safe and effective in preventing tooth decay. Continue reading

WINNERS! –2010 Raw Milk Recipe Contest (Persimmon Pudding)

SHAN KENDALL Wins the Grand Prizes!

We have 10 Winners in the 2010 Raw Milk Recipe Contest

Award-winning Persimmon Pudding

I will spare you the usual “it was so hard to choose a winner” entrée to this announcement of the winners of the Raw Milk Recipe Contest. About 40 entries were received (Yes, they are all just too awesome). Many of these recipes will be published in the paper version of Living Food (available March 1 here).

There are nine second-place winners. These contestants will receive the prize of Living Food—bulletin #1 Lacto-fermentation and bulletin # 2 Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners (downloadable pdf—value of $10 each) and of course the Real Milk and Dairy Products issue when it rises to the top in February!

Buttermilk Biscuits from Ms Cowboy–Dawnnell Holmes, of Real Farm Foods, Norwood, Missouri.

Heather Ash, a food blogger from Spanish Fork, Utah submitted the Clam Chowder Recipe (Annie and I are making it today!).

Sour Milk Pancakes by Kat Hickey

Cheesecakes by Peter M. another food blogger

Raw Chocolate Truffles by Becca Griffith

Queso Cakes by Stacie at Red Hog Farm in Colton, Oregon

Ice Cream from Diane at Peaceful Acres Farm

Egg Nog (and Ice Cream) Carol and Rich Radke; Coyote Ridge Farm of Kerkhoven, Minnesota

Macaroni and Cheese by Gena Miller of Washington state, the Girl Gone Domestic Continue reading

War of the Words — Eating the Greens & Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

War of the Words — Eating the Greens and Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

I have referred to the War of the Words several times in my talks and conversations –and it seems to resonate, so I will expound here. There is some intended sarcasm also.– Augie

Scribble Scrabble Scramble

Make Up Your Own Words

Government, corporate and academia change-makers are  always defining and redefining our words for us. “Water” for example may have different meanings depending on the specific laws or regulations the word is set within. Redefinition is an age-old practice to manipulate people and take control. As soon as you understand one word defined, you can be sure its definition has already been changed. Attorneys love it.

Organic comes to mind. If you search the Journal you will not find me using the term– as I have a distaste for it– like organic CAFO-type factory farmed chickens and eggs. The word has caused so much confusion and frustration– I don’t like to use it. USDA stole the term from the grassroots and twisted it to where can mean a battery of concentration camps of 250,000 chickens or even a million–voila, most of your organic chickens and eggs at the supermarket. Funny, pesticides and herbicides are organic too.

Continue reading

Growing Local Roots– Day Trip on the Road to the Real Food Revolution

A short story of my trip to Wayne County near my home is followed by a short review of the book Growing Roots. I will file this post under Augie’s Doghouse– Augie

Living Food on the book table at Whitefeather's

Last Saturday, I found myself once again in beautiful Wayne County, Ohio– just minutes from my home. I picked up my quarter of a grass-fed beef steer (with the dog bones for making broth). The picture is a shot of our Living Food bulletins on the book table. Whitefeather Meats is one of the few remaining slaughter/butcher/retail shops in the area and a lot of cattlemen I know (and will get to know) truck their pastured animals there for processing. As usual, it was exciting to see them again, since I only get to those parts of the woods once a year. Continue reading

Autism: Augie and Son Meet Temple Grandin at the ACRES USA Conference

Thinking Like a Cow . . . and How Raw Milk, Living Food and Music Relate to Autism

Last weekend my son David and I attended the ACRES USA national conference in Indianapolis to meet Dr. Temple Grandin, author, educator,

David was offering the gift of Living Food. He kept calling them "proposals".

consultant and university professor —and to hear other eco-farming icons and meet many others to sign them on as  sponsors of our new Living Food bulletins. Temple was named in the top 100 most influential people in 2010 with a cover story by Time magazine and a new movie, a biographical documentary (trailer).

Temple Grandin and my son David Jr. (Augie in the middle)

It was a special time for us. For many years, I have wanted to take my 24-year-old son to farms and conferences like this. Last year, I held the first Ohio Raw Milk Conference at a resort and I wanted him to come and meet everyone and play piano. He is always asking to go with me on business trips. He enjoys it so much and it does so much for him. Unfortunately, this was not possible much at all for reasons revealed below. Continue reading


The Journal of Living Food and Healing is looking for a few raw milk recipes for the upcoming Raw Milk issue of the Living Food bulletin. These can also be cooked recipes like vanilla pudding or custard–or recipes that contain fresh milk as a predominant ingredient, such as clean home-made raw milk baby formula. Recipes that use yogurt or raw cheese of course also qualify.

Submit your favorite recipe (or link to it) with or without a picture (limit 2)! The contest continues through New Year’s Eve. Winners (there will be 3) receive all three Living Food bulletins (valued at $30) and get their recipe published in the paper bulletin. Winners will be determined and announced on New Year’s Day.

FREE sample bulletins on Ferments and Sugars can be seen here along with some other eBooks in our iShop.

You can also post a link or email your recipe to in case you have a picture that goes with it.


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