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FDA: Illegal for Individuals to Cross State Lines to Get Raw Milk

Federal Raw Milk Suit: FDA Answers the Judge

by Pete Kennedy, Esq.
In an unsurprising response to questions submitted to it by a federal judge, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has asserted that any commercial transaction involving the transport of raw milk for human consumption across state lines is subject to the agency’s jurisdiction and is illegal. It is now a matter of public record that, in FDA’s view, even individual consumers crossing state lines to purchase raw milk and bringing the milk back to their home state to consume it are violating the law.
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Certified Organic Milk Is Not What It’s Whipped Up to Be

I grabbed another story today put out by Rady at her great blog called Food Freedom. Tom Philpot comes down on Horizon certified organic milk in this piece. It is rather easy to note the deceptive labeling of these products and that consumers are being skimmed for sure.

I had taken my shot at Organic Valley late last year when they banned raw milk sellers and herdshares and canceled some contracts nationally. At a meeting I attended last week, two OV reps and I discussed the action by the OV board. It is strictly a matter of liability and a tarnished public perception that could cream their sales should there be an sickness outbreak from an OV producer (ya know, how the national and state media outlets run crazy when two or more people get diarrhea for the raw milk). This is similar to the Whole Foods decision to take all raw milk off its shelves a month earlier. All of this has increased the demand for real milk from those who decide to deal in the true white stuff. Well, enough of my intro and on to tonight’s post giving Horizon milk a good whipping.–Augie

Despite Horizon brand, dairy giant Dean Foods really doesn’t get organic

By Tom Philpott

Dean Foods is by far the largest U.S. dairy processor. According to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), Dean processes 40 percent of fluid milk consumed in the U.S., which it distrubutes in a dizzying array of brands. Its dominance extends to organic milk, too — Dean’s Horizon brand is the largest supplier of organic milk.

Dean’s Horizon organic milk generates plenty of controversy. For years, Horizon has been sparring with the watchdog group Cornucopia over its farming practices, like use of conventionally raised heifers on its certified-organic farms. Cornucopia also goes after Dean for putting additives in its “organic” products. The latest dust-up is over a new Horizon product called “Fat-Free Milk Plus DHA Omega-3.”

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WINNERS! –2010 Raw Milk Recipe Contest (Persimmon Pudding)

SHAN KENDALL Wins the Grand Prizes!

We have 10 Winners in the 2010 Raw Milk Recipe Contest

Award-winning Persimmon Pudding

I will spare you the usual “it was so hard to choose a winner” entrée to this announcement of the winners of the Raw Milk Recipe Contest. About 40 entries were received (Yes, they are all just too awesome). Many of these recipes will be published in the paper version of Living Food (available March 1 here).

There are nine second-place winners. These contestants will receive the prize of Living Food—bulletin #1 Lacto-fermentation and bulletin # 2 Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners (downloadable pdf—value of $10 each) and of course the Real Milk and Dairy Products issue when it rises to the top in February!

Buttermilk Biscuits from Ms Cowboy–Dawnnell Holmes, of Real Farm Foods, Norwood, Missouri.

Heather Ash, a food blogger from Spanish Fork, Utah submitted the Clam Chowder Recipe (Annie and I are making it today!).

Sour Milk Pancakes by Kat Hickey

Cheesecakes by Peter M. another food blogger

Raw Chocolate Truffles by Becca Griffith

Queso Cakes by Stacie at Red Hog Farm in Colton, Oregon

Ice Cream from Diane at Peaceful Acres Farm

Egg Nog (and Ice Cream) Carol and Rich Radke; Coyote Ridge Farm of Kerkhoven, Minnesota

Macaroni and Cheese by Gena Miller of Washington state, the Girl Gone Domestic Continue reading

Autism: Augie and Son Meet Temple Grandin at the ACRES USA Conference

Thinking Like a Cow . . . and How Raw Milk, Living Food and Music Relate to Autism

Last weekend my son David and I attended the ACRES USA national conference in Indianapolis to meet Dr. Temple Grandin, author, educator,

David was offering the gift of Living Food. He kept calling them "proposals".

consultant and university professor —and to hear other eco-farming icons and meet many others to sign them on as  sponsors of our new Living Food bulletins. Temple was named in the top 100 most influential people in 2010 with a cover story by Time magazine and a new movie, a biographical documentary (trailer).

Temple Grandin and my son David Jr. (Augie in the middle)

It was a special time for us. For many years, I have wanted to take my 24-year-old son to farms and conferences like this. Last year, I held the first Ohio Raw Milk Conference at a resort and I wanted him to come and meet everyone and play piano. He is always asking to go with me on business trips. He enjoys it so much and it does so much for him. Unfortunately, this was not possible much at all for reasons revealed below. Continue reading


The Journal of Living Food and Healing is looking for a few raw milk recipes for the upcoming Raw Milk issue of the Living Food bulletin. These can also be cooked recipes like vanilla pudding or custard–or recipes that contain fresh milk as a predominant ingredient, such as clean home-made raw milk baby formula. Recipes that use yogurt or raw cheese of course also qualify.

Submit your favorite recipe (or link to it) with or without a picture (limit 2)! The contest continues through New Year’s Eve. Winners (there will be 3) receive all three Living Food bulletins (valued at $30) and get their recipe published in the paper bulletin. Winners will be determined and announced on New Year’s Day.

FREE sample bulletins on Ferments and Sugars can be seen here along with some other eBooks in our iShop.

You can also post a link or email your recipe to in case you have a picture that goes with it.


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FDA Mice are After the Cheese: Raw Dairy Fund Drive

From the NY Times slide show

The FDA is going after the raw cheese– in accordance with the U.S. government health agenda to eliminate raw milk sales in the US by 2020. This time it is Estrella Family Creamery and thousands of pounds of award-winning cheeses embargoed.

The Journal first published the Estrella story called Another FDA Cheese Bust on Family Food Ministry: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer in Washington State two weeks ago.  Since then a group of bloggers got together and sponsored a fundraiser to keep the family going and the cows and goats fed (more on this below) A nice article and slide show appeared in the New York Times, Business Day section two days ago.

The article had an interesting quote about the zero-tolerance mentality when it comes to the detection of a pathogen in a food product:

“If the FDA wanted to shut down the U.S. artisan cheese industry, all they’d have to do is do this environmental surveillance and the odds of finding a pathogen would be pretty great,” said Catherine W. Donnelly, co-director of the Vermont Institute for Artisan Cheese of the University of Vermont, referring to the listeria testing at cheese plants. “Is our role to shut these places down or help them?”

Regulatory agencies should become better educated in these skilled crafts and then use their infinite resources to assist those who may have a safety problem to get back into production as quick as possible–since these operations are so important for the local culture and economy. If farmers and consumers want traditional and artisan food produced and continue their rapid growth, they also need to come to the aid of those who get unjustly treated, in the Estrella case by the FDA who stepped in around the state agencies.  This is your chance to put $5, $10 or $20 or more down on this horse and watch this race play out!

Please make your donation at the Pledgie site. From there you can go to the Estrella wordpress blog set up to keep up on the latest.
Click here to lend your support to: Help the Estrella Family Creamery and make a donation at !

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UPDATE on Another FDA Cheese Bust on Family Food Ministry: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer

UPDATE 10/25/2010

As reported here (below) Saturday, FDA busted another artisan-cheese family food ministry in Washington. The children have calmed down now four days after their direct dealings with the FDA agents when they locked up all the award-winning cheese at Estrella Family Creamery–while the Anthony and Kelly Estrella, the parents, were known by the intruders to be away at the farmers market. All because a few isolated samples of cheese never offered to the public did not pass non-detect (zero) of a microorganism that is found all over your skin. A “standard” that will shut down any cheesemaker nationwide. Continue reading

UPDATE on Another FDA Cheese Bust on Family Food Ministry: Award-winning Artisan Raw Cheese Producer in Washington State

UPDATE 10/25/2010

As reported here (below) Saturday, FDA busted another artisan-cheese family food ministry in Washington state. The children have calmed down now four days after their direct dealings with the FDA agents when they locked up all the award-winning cheese at Estrella Family Creamery–while Anthony and Kelly Estrella, the parents, were known by the intruders to be away at the farmers market. All because a few isolated samples of cheese never offered to the public did not pass non-detect (zero) of a microorganism that is found all over your skin: a “standard” that will shut down any cheese maker nationwide.

According to the Estrella’s, there had been a pathogen detected last Spring and rectified as is industry-standard worldwide. But this time FDA just suspects “all of the batches cheese” might contain a sub-type of Listeria, something allowed in European cheeses. (Low levels of Listeria may be found any cheese, according to this report. So the crux of the whole deal in Washington and some other states is a zero-dectection limit with a zero-tolerance which is an impossibility to achieve—even in the cleanest of cheese operations, not whether it is detected.) Continue reading

Menu of the Year Awarded: The Weston A. Price Foundation International Conference

For the second year in a row, the Journal of Natural Food and Healing has awarded the Menu of the Year to the chefs, menu planners and donors of the naturally produced farm food for The Weston A. Price Foundation’s International conference to be held November 11-14, near Philadelphia. (Okay, we did not look at any other menus– but how could you beat this one?)

If things go right, an attempt to beat this one, at least in many categories, may be sponsored by the Journal and Living Food– our new bulletin.  This would be prepared by three-time winner Gold Medal award winner of the International Olympics in Culinary Arts- Chef Fetty– at an undisclosed world-class resort in the heart of the world’s largest Amish country. (Okay it may be dinner of just 4– even though the dining area can seat 150 ) He is already using local naturally grown foods and wants to upgrade more.)

Of course, many of our readers will be there, as well as ARMi Facebook folks, including myself. I am going to hear Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride on autism recovery and a full-day session on Homeopathy on Monday. Here are some examples of some of the menus that match the caliber of speakers for the 3-day event, including icon Joel Salatin speaking at “Everything I Want to Eat is Illegal” banquet dinner.

I am wondering how many readers are going, have gone before, or who may want to plan to come next year. You should leave a comment to that affect or any other comment. You may review the Agenda here or by clicking the  Banner to the left.

Horsemen Trails Farm Pastured Tunis Lamb Breakfast Sausage Links
Pennsylvania Pastured Pork Breakfast Sausage
Thankful Harvest Grass-fed TenderHeart Beef Breakfast Sausage

Pennsylvania Pastured Pork
French Toast with Atwater’s Sourdough Cranberry Pecan Bread

Miller’s Organic Farm Maple Syrup

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Drug-Free Milk Label Now Allowed in Ohio

For the last couple years in Ohio, it was illegal to label milk as being free of the genetically engineered growth hormone drug rbGH– like companies are now saying HFCS-Free! The pharmaceutical and dairy cartels, in concert with their partners inside Ohio government– did not wish their product to be thought of as dangerous to your health, as it is known to be in Europe. –Augie

Today, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, made his remarks at the Huffington Post:

ATTENTION SHOPPERS. An appeals court just upheld your right to easily choose drug-free milk from drug-free cows. This is a victory.

rbGH is banned in most other countries and banished from most US dairies, it still lurks behind friendly “All Natural” labels of companies like Breyers Ice Cream.

. . . I propose that dairies use a different disclaimer than that now required by Ohio law. Here’s what I propose:

Ohio governor Strickland and other politicians who cater more to the interests of biotech companies than consumers, require that we state, ‘According to the FDA, there is no significant difference between the milk from cows injected with rbST compared to those not injected.’

Read Smith’s article,  Ohio Court Victory: Bovine Growth Hormone Labeling

You will also want to see Smith’s 4-minute video interview on this topic here at the Journal in  Your Milk on Drugs

While we are at it, see the brief video of Indiana’s 32,000-Cow SuperMax Dairy Factory.