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Vaccines: Magik or Miracles?–Bill Gates vs. Child Killers

Bill Gates: Global Vaccination Czar?

They do not know what is causing the autism, ADHD and learning disabilities pandemics, but they are damn sure it’s not vaccinations.

They do not know what is causing the epidemics of allergies, asthma or childhood diabetes, but they are damn sure it ‘s not vaccinations.

They do not know what is causing a rising rate of infertility and miscarriages, but they are damn sure it’s not vaccinations. — Augie

Bill Gates equates vaccinations with reducing population growth, as you will see and hear a bit later, and in the next breath accuses pro-vaccine choice educators of being child killers. Continue reading

BREAKING: Autism and Vaccine Link– Dr. Andrew Wakefield Speaks Out

In the wake of a massive and coordinated attack by the government/media partnership this week, Dr. Wakefield tells his response to the story in this brief news release. This is a wake-up call to the CDC,  public health officials and the medical megaplex, that more and more parents are saying No to vaccinations as pro-vaccine educators and health practitioners speak out.  Odd that a 12-year old paper that suggests a link to autism is pulled out at this time–and cause such a great stir. And guess what happened to me near my cubical stall at the health department this week– more on this at the bottom.–Augie

BREAKING NEWS:  Statement From Dr. Andrew Wakefield: No Fraud. No Hoax. No Profit Motive.

Dr. wakefield AUSTIN, Texas, Jan. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Andrew Wakefield issued the following statement today on the recent British Medical Journal articles:

“The British Medical Journal and reporter Brian Deer recently alleged that my 1998 research paper was ‘a hoax’ and ‘an elaborate fraud’ and that my motivation was profit.

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Autism: Augie and Son Meet Temple Grandin at the ACRES USA Conference

Thinking Like a Cow . . . and How Raw Milk, Living Food and Music Relate to Autism

Last weekend my son David and I attended the ACRES USA national conference in Indianapolis to meet Dr. Temple Grandin, author, educator,

David was offering the gift of Living Food. He kept calling them "proposals".

consultant and university professor —and to hear other eco-farming icons and meet many others to sign them on as  sponsors of our new Living Food bulletins. Temple was named in the top 100 most influential people in 2010 with a cover story by Time magazine and a new movie, a biographical documentary (trailer).

Temple Grandin and my son David Jr. (Augie in the middle)

It was a special time for us. For many years, I have wanted to take my 24-year-old son to farms and conferences like this. Last year, I held the first Ohio Raw Milk Conference at a resort and I wanted him to come and meet everyone and play piano. He is always asking to go with me on business trips. He enjoys it so much and it does so much for him. Unfortunately, this was not possible much at all for reasons revealed below. Continue reading

700% Increase in Pre-born Baby Deaths from Swine Flu Shot Over Regular Flu Shot Says New Study

CLICK PIC: Actual postard and website photo with skyscraper over Columbus, Ohio by a non-profit vaccine pusher close to Ohio Department of Health.

Swine Swindle Flu

by David Michael

As previously estimated, about 3500 pre-born babies have died following last year’s swine swindle flu vaccinations of pregnant women in the U.S. alone. Those surviving, I am estimating more than 35,000 have been seriously injured– some with lifelong disabilities including neurological and autism–and as many as 100,000 with milder disorders. (These are my SWAGs–scientific wild-ass estimates. When someone dies from vaccine, or is severally injured–it is a sound and logical extension that far more are impacted– just as in auto crashes). Soon, the Journal will release a new studies–showing the the Aluminum in the jabs are much more dangerous than the Mercury– partly because of synergistic reactions with Fluoride in city water (and its aluminum), increasing the toxicity. This will be presented by David Michael and Dr. Sylvia Onusik; it will include an audio interview with Dr. David Ayoub with Dr. Mercola and Michael’s interview with Dr. Ayoub on the Aluminum toxicity–including effects when directly injected and from breast breast cancer linked aluminum-ized underarm deodorants. Subscribe get this when posted at

Health Ranger Mike Adams of NaturalNews snagged this story. Excerpts are below.– Augie

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Healing and Preventing Autism by Mother Warrior Jenny McCarthy: Book Reviews

Once again Sylvia Onusic, PhD is our guest blogger tonight. She provides two reviews of books by Jenny McCarthy on autism prevention and healing. This is added to our 50-plus articles on autism (and vaccinations). By the way, our new iShop now has an eBook on Legal Vaccination Exemptions–in case you are concerned about their need, safety and effectiveness.–Augie
Here are Sylvia’s reviews:
Mother Warriors, by Jenny McCarthy
Healing and Preventing Autism, by Jenny McCarthy and Jerry Kartzinel, MD

October 30, 2010

Book Review, Sylvia P. Onusic, PhD

Jenny and son Evan

Autism affects one in 85 children and the numbers are increasing. I started reading Jenny’s books because I really knew very little about autism.  I thought it was a mental disorder or developmental disability until I ventured upon Mother Warriors, and Healing and Preventing Autism by Jenny McCarthy.

Jenny has written six books, three dealing with autism.  Mother Warriors gave me my first introduction to autism. After reading it, the subject of autism became very personal, because I realized that not only young children could be its victims, but teenagers, and even adults. One of my family members, age 23,  although not autistic, is struggling with the some of the same problems as these kids had.  He had problems with his vaccines, his formula (soy) as a young child, seemed to get better, but then started to develop lots of bronchial infections.  The final nail was the meningitis vaccine he got at his pre-college physical.  A high honor role student and outstanding scholar throughout high school, he suddenly became unable to function at college, developed mono (Epstein Bar virus) and has not been able to finish his degree or work very much.  All he wants to do is gaming and playing Magic, a card game. MD’s shrugged it off and sent him to counseling.  I realized he has a compromised immune system and now know how to apply the knowledge I read about in Jennie’s books to help him. Continue reading

Treatment of Autism, ADHD and Other Neurological/Physical Disorders with Specific Nutrient-dense Foods

All health and healing is dependent in large part on an unusual and rare diet. It is not the Standard American Diet (SAD). It is sometimes called a traditional diet– I like to call it a natural diet from naturally grown foods– the way foods were before modern, industrial foods were made, and of course, convenient and fast food.

The proper diet includes many of the foods that we have been taught causes health problems. (That is another story itself). If you cannot get this right and make substantial improvements in your diet, there will be continued degeneration and a lack of regeneration of the cells, and even DNA, within your body. This would be true for physical health and, from logical extension and clinical studies, mental health. (In the movie Super-size Me, the man got progressively sicker during the three months from eating everything at McDonald’s– the hamburgers and fries that do not decompose after a year.)

My interests are in autism and other neurological disorders– prevention, causation and healing with natural foods and other protocols. This is because my son has autism and several other mental disorders. It is interesting to note that this finding correlates with the progressive deterioration of American diets through generations and the increase of vaccinations to the extent that one in six children have learning disabilities and asthma and allergies are escalating. One could only think the rates of increase will climb as these factors are not changing.

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The Hope for Autism (ADD, ADHD, etc), Part 2: Exploring Dietary Intervention for Special Needs People

NOTE: Many readers were given this Part 2 link by mistake and they should start with Part 1 which continues here via link.

Thousands of cases of autism and neurological disorders such as ADD and ADHD have significantly improved or substantially recovered via nutritional interventions– especially in conjunction with individualized supplementation and biomedical therapies. Mary Hernandez offers Part 2 of The Hope for Autism series– as well as Part 1. — Augie


Exploring Dietary Intervention for Special Needs

By Mary Hernandez, CHC

Seeing is believing” became my life-changing motto seven years ago when my son Luis had a dramatic “awakening” as the result of dietary intervention for autism. “It’s like a light bulb went off in his brain,” declared his pre-school teacher excitedly.

The night before, nine days into a strict gluten free/casein free diet, Luis, at age 4 years and 3 months, had called me “Mommy,” responded “Yes,” and made significant eye contact for the first time since his regression into autism two and a half years prior. Tears flooded down my cheeks as my little boy, who only had five words of spontaneous speech, and on-again, off-again echolalia (repeating words with no indication of comprehension), suddenly was speaking to me in sentences.

Luis’s sudden surge in verbal competence and relatedness transformed me from dietary skeptic to proselytizer overnight. Thus began my own passionate plunge into the study of nutrition’s impact on children with learning disabilities, diabetes, ADHD, ADD, allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders, epilepsy and other special needs as well as autistic spectrum disorders. In the seven years since that miraculous day, I guided many other families toward improvements for their children – nourishing brain function by removing foods that harm and adding in nutrients their bodies and minds were craving. Continue reading

The Hope for Autism (and ADD, ADHD and ONDs)– Part 1

As mentioned in an earlier post, I will be researching autism prevention and recovery in the coming months and will be chronicling findings here at the Journal, probably a 12-part series.

I recently received a note from Mary Hernandez of New York City on her interest in our new local Living Food bulletin. She had also given me permission to reprint her speech on the day National Autism Awareness Week was announced in New York and an article (Part 2) published this Spring in Hope Magazine.

I have titled this post The Hope for Autism (and ONDs– other neurological disorders). Hope is commonly used as a wish that something may happen. Yet the biblical term refers to the Hope as an absolute certainty that a future event will occur. The reality is that recovery (and prevention) from much of the autism and ONDs is completely or partially possible now, so that we as parents need not just wish for some improvement, pray it away or wait for The Hope.

I am most pleased to take this moment to introduce Mary to my readers, many of whom are advocates for autism and vaccination education worldwide, and her Hope Magazine— Augie

On Autism and Hope: “Nine Days Into the Special Diet, I Heard A Voice Behind Me Say…”

Below is the speech given by NAA New York Metro Chapter member Mary Hernandez at the NY City event formally designating April 2010 as Autism Awareness Month.  It’s a powerful reminder of how often the doctors write off our children, and how the children themselves prove them oh so wrong. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we who were there enjoyed listening.

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Vaccinations are the Answer to Global Population: Bill Gates

Gate’s Law: CO2= P x S x E x C

Vaccinations are the answer for depopulation according to Bill Gates.

There is no doubt the leaders of the nations of the earth, through the United Nations and many other global bodies have programs for human depopulation control; such as the UN Population Division and Fund. The emphasis is access to health care, reproductive health and vaccinations for all world citizens. These are the same agencies that brought the WHO H1N1 flu pandemic response plan. Food and supplements/herb controls and safety are handled by other divisions. I can only hope there are two diametrically opposed forces within the agencies.

All of this is said to be necessary to reduce C02– exhaled gases. I do not want to address global warming (a professional specialty of mine) here– but this plant food that creates oxygen is not only necessary– the environment and human health benefit from it. In brief, weather cycles are cause by the Sun— ITSS– it’s the Sun stupid. Climate change scaremongering from folks like Al Gore is to promote energy controls and taxes to fund the ideas Gates refers to. It is greenwashing.

The man is dangerous.

An eleven-year-old boy has infinitely more wisdom on health, food and farming than this man. The boy’s video was posted earlier today.

Autism Prevention and Recovery: Have a Healthy Baby

As I mentioned yesterday, we have a very complete article on reducing the risk of autism and other disorders– how to have a healthy baby. Raine Saunders gives us Part 1 on this topic and it is loaded with info and links (check out Raine’s Home Medicine Cabinet). One is six children have learning disabilities and one in sixty boys have autism. The rate of infertility and miscarriages is at all time highs and increasing. The U.S. infant mortality rate is now one of the highest of industrialized countries. It can only get worse.  Those that think the vaccines are not a major contributor have listened to too much television news and read to many newspaper articles. The government/corporate disinformation campaign gets louder as pro-vaccination educators wake up more people that vaccines are not effective, safe or necessary. Of course, four generations of eating junk foods is another major contributor of DNA damage also. You will notice there is no mention of a pediatric Well Baby service in the tips below –Augie

Reducing Your Child’s Risk of Autism And Other Disorders: Conception, Pregnancy, And The Newborn Infant, Part I

Raine Saunders

Having children is one of the things in your life that will alter your future more than anything you will ever do. Although it is filled with uncertainty and a great deal of trial and error, most everyone you ask will say their lives are transformed for the better because of the decision  to have a child.

This series of posts about conception, pregnancy, and the newborn infant are intended to be companion pieces to the recent vaccination series – Vaccinations: A Choice or A Mandate? If you are considering having children or are pregnant, these posts are intended to help guide you through the many decisions you will make affecting the health of you and your child. Continue reading