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The Gift of Living Food

8-page Living Food bulletin

Sauerkraut, kimchi, kvass and more (recipes) with articles on their health benefits.

Get it email by Friday or Saturday for $5 online credit card/PayPal– plus your purchase will provide the gift of Living Food to 5 families and distributed by Officers of the ARMi (Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale)

After seeing the sample issue, you may also want to purchase them in sets of 25 for $1 each. Makes a great handout or a fundraising project (micro-business for the kids). You will also be supporting the Journal and its other projects. (I have not set out my tip jar yet.)

Raw Milk and Sugars/Artificial Sweeteners will be the topics in Issue 2 and 3.

The iShop (E-books and edibles) opening is now set to open early August. Check out Living Food here— a sample is provided — Augie

Downloading Instant Nutrition and Health (E-Products, that is)


The Journal of Natural Food and Healing now has an e-book/product section on food, nutrition and health. Today, we are introducing two instant e-books: a local, organic restaurant guide and a guide on legal vaccination exemptions. We have several other instant e-products in the oven and ready to serve up soon.

I have spoken to a number of authors lately and there are a number of products we will be mentioning from time to time. I am especially excited about an online database-driven interactive application that provides information for over a thousand natural substances (teas, herbs, oils, plants) and the disorders/diseases they assist in curing with instructions for use.

The e-products are not just limited to books– there are Power Point presentations and anything digital such as special documents, registration to seminars.

Of course, your purchase helps support the authors and also the Journal and our other related activities.

If you have or can recommend an e-product to us, please contact Annie at with the information.  РAugie

U.S. Organic Restaurant Guide: Healthy Eats Here!

Buy and instantly download the ebook here


Going out of town? Where do you find the real grub? Often when I eat at a restaurant that I don’t know, I walk out with a greasy feeling that feels like it permeates all my cells and the artificial excitotoxins keep tingling my tongue. And it takes most of the day for these symptoms to wear off. No need to take this chance with this downloadable ebook that can even install on your phone, palm or laptop.

Hundreds of listings across the United States in this e-book help you find that hidden gem down the street. Author Holly Hickman (pictured below), world traveler and food critic, has dined in all the places she recommends.

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Guide to Legal Vaccination Exemptions–Instant E-book



As many readers and associates know, I am most passionate about autism, nutritional interventions for recovery, Annie and I being the parents of a recovering 24-year old autistic. At the pinnacle of my interest is the related effects of vaccinations on human health and neurological development and the issue of freedom of choice and education before vaccination.

A reader of the Journal gave me rave reviews about this book. The author sent it to me. Alan Phillips, JD– who has begun a freedom of choice movement in North Carolina, told me the entire reason he went to law school was to help parents to retain their rights to freedom of choice to vaccinate or not. That impressed me. So, I am very proud to endorse the book and offer it to my readers. I thank Mr. Philips for his generosity in helping us to support our work of the Journal by giving us a commission on each book sold.




Back-to-School Special

FINALLY- Comprehensive, authoritative information about vaccine legal exemptions you can trust, written by an attorney with years of experience in a wide variety of vaccine refusal settings.

Critical details for Parents (natural, adoptive, custody disputes), College Students, Immigrants, Employees, Military Personnel and Contractors, Healthcare Professionals, Public and Private Schools, Attorneys–anyone concerned with legally avoiding vaccines in the United States.

Now with New information about Vaccine Child-Custody Disputes, Employer-Required Vaccines, Military Exemptions, Immigration Waivers, International Travel, and rights in Emergencies–local outbreaks to international pandemics! $25.

“Remarkable and thorough book on the topic. Alan is somebody who understands and cares.”

Augie, Editor of The Journal of Whole Food and Nutritional Health.

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