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Drug-Free Milk Label Now Allowed in Ohio

For the last couple years in Ohio, it was illegal to label milk as being free of the genetically engineered growth hormone drug rbGH– like companies are now saying HFCS-Free! The pharmaceutical and dairy cartels, in concert with their partners inside Ohio government– did not wish their product to be thought of as dangerous to your health, as it is known to be in Europe. –Augie

Today, Jeffrey Smith, author of Seeds of Deception, made his remarks at the Huffington Post:

ATTENTION SHOPPERS. An appeals court just upheld your right to easily choose drug-free milk from drug-free cows. This is a victory.

rbGH is banned in most other countries and banished from most US dairies, it still lurks behind friendly “All Natural” labels of companies like Breyers Ice Cream.

. . . I propose that dairies use a different disclaimer than that now required by Ohio law. Here’s what I propose:

Ohio governor Strickland and other politicians who cater more to the interests of biotech companies than consumers, require that we state, ‘According to the FDA, there is no significant difference between the milk from cows injected with rbST compared to those not injected.’

Read Smith’s article,  Ohio Court Victory: Bovine Growth Hormone Labeling

You will also want to see Smith’s 4-minute video interview on this topic here at the Journal in  Your Milk on Drugs

While we are at it, see the brief video of Indiana’s 32,000-Cow SuperMax Dairy Factory.

Descrambling the Eggs and It Won’t Be Over Easy!

Humpty Dumpty Has Taken a Great Fall!

I have wanted to comment on the egg situation the day after the half-billion recall. First, I wanted to say that these types of contaminated eggs are commonplace– the reason, in part, 1 in 4 Americans get a case of food-borne illness each year. It is similar to the leafy green problem–where the spinach and such are grown in concentrated human, industrial and hospital wastes–called biosolids out in the California Salad Bowl. It was frustrating holding back the article– I wanted to have the cute picture of Humpty Dumpty– and the title I had in mind for weeks. But it all came together a few minutes ago!

Two weeks ago Mark Kastel, director of the prestigious Cornucopia Institute, sent me photos of the USDA-certified organic egg operations– from factory farms or concentation camps– accounting for a good 80% of organic eggs sold at supermarkets. He encouraged me to publish something. Yesterday he posted a brilliant 4-minute video that says it all. Now, I need not write the article.– Augie

As he says and is plain to see, the egg cartel has taken over nearly all of the production, using their mass scale operations to drive the price down which forces more real egg producers out of the business. (It is the same economic disparity and health benefit comparison with grocery store milk and farm fresh, unprocessed, whole milk– or raw milk direct from the farm).

I know you will NOT buy organic eggs from the store– buy only eggs from farmers that have pastured hens fed natural feed. But your friends and coworkers, church folk and neighbors need to understand how this fraud and deception works–and how  it affects your health and the health of the chickens and eggs– the so-called organic takeover by the USDA and its corporate partners.  They should be fried hard and to a crisp. SHARE this story with them now using this link    in Facebook, twitter, lists and other social networks!

Get more info on the egg story at The Cornucopia Institute.

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5-Min Video: 11-Yr Old Homeschooler on Industrial vs Natural Food and Agriculture

In front of a large audience in an auditorium, Birke Baehr, an eleven-year-old homeschooler, executes a brilliant presentation of his PowerPoint on What Is Wrong With Our Food System?

Bold Birke says “you can either pay the farmer or pay the hospital”.

Cathy Payne will conduct a podcast interview with Birke soon as mentioned in her post today.

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Death of the Lakes: The Spreading of Toxic and Infectious Wastes and Disease

David Michael has posted this expose on the appalling situation at Ohio’s largest inland lake, Grand Lake-St. Mary’s. David Michael has spent over 30 years in the environmental control field (air, water, waste, land) I would like to stress that Ohio farmers are good people and sacrifice much to produce food for everyone. I do not believe this is all their fault at all—but much of the blame should be placed on EPA and USDA—and the big food and agriculture corporations all working together.–Augie

Death of the Lakes: The Spreading of Toxic and Infectious Wastes and Disease

Ohio’s Love Canal: Toxic Pollution Dumping on a Scale of BP-Gulf Spill

By David Michael

Human illnesses and animal deaths have occurred recently from neurotoxins secreted by a heavy slime of blue and green algae floating on Ohio’s largest lake—Grand Lake St. Mary’s (Grand Lake) in Auglaize and Mercer Counties. This is a lake that has been deteriorating for decades, but especially so in the past 10 years as factory farms have sprung up all over the area, and more are being built.

A high concentration of factory farms and the application of composted manure from CAFO (confined animal feeding operations) manure and sewage treatment sludge (humanure, now called biosolids—a mixture of concentrated human excrement and industrial discharges) is spreading toxic and infectious substances on farmlands close by and in the watershed. CAFOs in the watershed area account for 3 million chickens; while sewage sludge spreading is permitted on 8800 Ohio farmlands—several close to the edge of Grand Lake.

Pollutants discharging into the lake also include fertilizer runoff (phosphorus, potassium and nitrogen (PKN) as well as some pesticides and herbicides—as is commonly known. But there is far more to the story, including heavy metals (like lead, arsenic and chromium), pharmaceuticals, neurotoxins, cancer-causers, viruses, bacteria—and just about every known chemical (some 60,000) known to man and being placed on the farmlands.

EPA and state officials know about this—as does USDA, and their partners in the big food and big agriculture corporations. Yet the smaller farmers are being accused for causing the mess, and homeowners too—while the CAFOs and spreading of sludge are being expanded rapidly though state and federally funded “green” programs and contracted out to a few individuals.

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Death of the Lakes: The Spreading of Toxic and Infectious Wastes and Disease

Part 1 of this series was posted tonight by David Michael at the Journal.

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The Joy of Eating Farm Fresh Local Food– Oil Paintings Slide Show

Sweet . . . Kimberly Hartke’ s article and a great farm scene slide show (at my NEW Journal). 

It is hard to describe the benefits of eat ing local foods from farm­ers you know. You get a taste for country liv­ing, meet some mighty fine folks and see how your food is grown. It is so peaceful– much different than life in the city and sub urbs. I always come home rejuventing. You will probably see a lot of happy kids and learn the names of the happy cows.

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Scientists Claim USDA Diet Plan Causes Obesity and Disease

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Recipes for Disease: Will the USDA Food Pyramid Collapse?

Three testimonies below chip away at the proposed USDA food pyramid dietary changes. I doubt if this will cause the pyramid to collapse since by definition the USDA protects the giant food and agriculture industry– the industrialized farms and the factory food. As Kimberly Hartke stated in her piece, “the USDA Food Pyramid is a government sponsored marketing campaign, designed to promote the foods of huge corporate producers, which has next to nothing to do with true health and nutrition. It is a highly politicized process, and we saw obesity skyrocket after 1992, when the pyramid advised six to eleven daily servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta. It also tipped our scales toward diabetes, degenerative diseases, and despair.”

Would you trust your health to those who advise six to eleven daily servings of bread, cereal, rice and pasta? Would you trust those licensed dietitians who unknowingly parrot the same to carry out the marketing scheme?  As you probably see, it is not really about health after all.



By Sally Fallon Morell, President

The Weston A. Price Foundation

July 8, 2010

The proposed 2010 Dietary Guidelines perpetuate the mistakes of previous guidelines in demonizing saturated fats and animal foods rich in saturated fatty acids such as egg yolks, butter, whole milk, cheese, fatty meats like bacon and animal fats for cooking. The current obesity epidemic emerged as vegetable oils and refined carbohydrates replaced these healthy, nutrient-dense traditional fats. Animal fats supply many essential nutrients that are difficult to obtain from other sources. Furthermore, basic biochemistry shows that the human body has a very high requirement for saturated fats and cholesterol in all cell membranes; if we do not eat saturated fats, the body will simply make them from carbohydrates, but excess carbohydrate increases blood levels of triglyceride and small, dense LDL and compromises blood vessel function. High-carbohydrate diets, moreover, fail to satisfy the appetite as well as diets rich in traditional fats, leading to higher caloric intakes and often to bingeing and splurging on empty foods, resulting in rapid weight gain.

The proposed guidelines will perpetuate existing nutrient deficiencies present in all American population groups, including deficiencies in vitamins A, and D, found in animal fats, vitamins B12 and B6 found in meat and seafood, as well as minerals like iron and zinc. Low intakes of vitamin K2, moreover, are associated with increases in the risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and cancer, and the main sources of vitamin K2 available to Americans are egg yolks and full-fat cheeses. Continue reading

Raw Milk Gets Attention at Dairy Industry Anti-trust Hearings

Here is the one raw milk testimony at the DOJ and USDA anti-trust hearing on the dairy industry held in Madison, Wisconsin last week. Lisa Jacobson gave testimony and she is to be commended to speak for the raw milk lovers and the many raw dairies who cannot speak out– due to the persecution and financial losses they might face. Kimberly Hartke snagged the entire story over at her blog–linked below.– Augie

My name is Lisa Jacobson from Milwaukee Wisconsin.

I am a consumer of unpasteurized Milk and support my small dairy farmer.

I actually am a criminal in Wisconsin because of the fact that I have aided and abetted in an illegal practice by purchasing unpasteurized Milk from a farmer.

My hope is that this public meeting will be instrumental in ending or reversing the statewide and federal interference of farms that provide health conscious citizens with pure, wholesome and healthy unpasteurized milk.

It appears very BLATANT that prohibiting farm to consumers unpasteurized milk sales is an illegal and anti competitive practice by regulators and Big Dairy industry, by only allowing dairy processing plants to obtain raw milk and using pasteurization as the key to safety and control. If using this weak defense, then I would argue that consumers could also pasteurize or heat milk to 165º for 15 seconds.

Big dairy, regulators and lobbyists use mainstream media to spread smear campaigns that say ALL unpasteurized milk unsafe. Yes, factory farm raw milk from cows who suffer from mastitis, tails cut off for efficiency and can’t swat flies, never allowed to live outside and graze naturally as ruminants but instead fed unnatural grain based diets infused with antibiotic and growth hormones, wallowing in their own feces on concrete, bedded on recycled manure, living in factory farms or CAFO’s with manure lagoons replacing pastures, polluting the air with hydrogen sulfide and ammonia for surrounding neighbors and communities, and whose milk is then co-mingled into silo milk and shipped across the country, yes, this raw milk is probably is UNSAFE.

If pasteurization, by conventional dairy industry with this type of frightening standards and logic, is the answer to ‘sanitizing’ milk, then I do not want any industrial dairy products or want to feed it to my children.

All I want and hope for is safe healthy wholesome unprocessed milk directly from healthy cows grazing on healthy pasture from my small farmer who uses sustainable agricultural practices, and not be considered a criminal.

To rephrase a quote from Joel Salatin of Polyface farms Virginia, ‘My wish is that the Consumer group advocating legal pure unpasteurized Milk grows to be at least as big and powerful as the National Rifle Association’.

Read Lisa’s full report and her bio at

New Video: Dairy Industry– Hard Core Corruption/Politics/Poisoning of the Milk

On the eve of a series of government investigations and listening sessions into the milk cartel and their market manipulation and killer cut-throat business practices, I have three segments for you. I hope this enrages you enough to motivate you to speak out– this is the one to rally behind. Perhaps it will be an Eve of Destruction.

First is the latest 4- minute video on some of the background on the dairy industry corruption and politics– a primer. It was sent to be by a reader and I just happened to open it and view it. WOW.

Then it is on to the Hard Core 10-min video– the poisoning of the milk– an older Fox News investigation that was censored and never aired that is absolutely chilling.

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