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Is Skim Milk Making You FAT and Sick? — National Fox News Covers Raw Milk Rally

Finally, truth of the low-fat and non-fat dairy con is going mainstream. The skim milk is more associated to weight gain than whole, full-fat milk and this article tells why. Added to some skim milk is powdered milk solids which are high in dangerous oxidized cholesterol and forms arterial plaque.

Other health problems of nearly all milk on the market is caused by the nutrient-depleting pasteurization and the protein-fracturing, fat-micronizing, oxidative homogenization process–not to mention genetically-modified growth hormones and artificial vitamin D. Consumers are being milked and skimmed in more ways than one. The promise of weight loss and healthier hearts by drinking skim/lo-fat products is false and actually seems to cause weight gain and more artery clogging. Then the  milk conglomerates, many call them the milk monopoly, take the good fats they took away from you and sell it back to you at higher profit margins in other products. Continue reading

FDA Dragon Slayer Speaks Out on Amish Raw Milk Sting

Attorney Jonathan Emord has brought down FDA eight times in federal court, six on grounds of First Amendment rights, including cases on health claims on dietary supplements. Congressman and Dr. Ron Paul calls Jonathan “a hero of the health freedom revolution” and says “all freedom-loving Americans are in [his] debt . . . for his courtroom [victories] on behalf of health freedom.”  I asked permission to post his article published today at and he immediately responded positively. Coincidentally, the rally in support of the Amish family busted was held today on Capitol Hill in D.C. Even a cow was brought in and raw milk from across the state line was enjoyed by all in defiance of FDA’s sting.–Augie Continue reading

Raw Milk Rally Time—Pack up the Babies and Grab the Old Ladies—It’s Brother Daniel’s Traveling Salvation Show

We reported last week on the Amish family busted by FDA for caring for the cows of others and delivering fresh milk to those that had already bought it. He caused fresh, raw milk to cross the state line—a federal offense. We know this is a violation of personal rights, but I question if this is another form of religious persecution. After all, they believe it is their ministry and life’s mission to provide healthy food to those that hunger for it. It is all so silly–having to spend all this time and energy to tend to these matters–and oh, Daniel and his family has their livelihoods and farming operations majorly dinked–not to mention all those customers that depend on that fresh, wholesome, unprocessed, unadulterated  milk to maintain and restore their health. Continue reading

Local Food Choices: New Book Review

by Augie

The new book Local Choices was conceived over a cup of tea one winter evening. That’s when Karen Geiser and Lisa Amstutz from Wayne

Author Karen Geiser and me at the local Amish health trade show in Dalton, Ohio on Saturday.

County, Ohio discovered they both had a passion to share and motivate others to simply enjoy local foods, how to find it and prepare it–economically. The book is for both beginners and experienced locavores.  Continue reading

Autism: Augie and Son Meet Temple Grandin at the ACRES USA Conference

Thinking Like a Cow . . . and How Raw Milk, Living Food and Music Relate to Autism

Last weekend my son David and I attended the ACRES USA national conference in Indianapolis to meet Dr. Temple Grandin, author, educator,

David was offering the gift of Living Food. He kept calling them "proposals".

consultant and university professor —and to hear other eco-farming icons and meet many others to sign them on as  sponsors of our new Living Food bulletins. Temple was named in the top 100 most influential people in 2010 with a cover story by Time magazine and a new movie, a biographical documentary (trailer).

Temple Grandin and my son David Jr. (Augie in the middle)

It was a special time for us. For many years, I have wanted to take my 24-year-old son to farms and conferences like this. Last year, I held the first Ohio Raw Milk Conference at a resort and I wanted him to come and meet everyone and play piano. He is always asking to go with me on business trips. He enjoys it so much and it does so much for him. Unfortunately, this was not possible much at all for reasons revealed below. Continue reading

Close to State of Emergency: Update on Hershberger and the Raid on the Farm Food Ministries

Since writing this article, many people have donated to the The Hershberger Family Farm Food Freedom (4-F) Fund (Facebook), planned a rally for this Friday, wrote letters and made phone calls.  The mailing address for donations is below if you are not on Facebook. — Augie

We are sliding into a state of emergency if farmers, 
the foundation of society, are systematically eliminated through 
over-regulation, licenses, raids and economic strangulation. Unless the
 consumers who care about their food rally around the last remaining farms 
we will face a crisis beyond imagination. Our food system
 is a fragile house of cards.—Michael Schmidt, Canadian biodynamic dairyman, ARMi Co-director

“There is a power that kicks in, which is beyond measure” . . . Vernon Hershberger

I spoke with Vernon Hershberger again tonight to let him know nice money is coming in for his defense from the Wisconsin ARMi fundraiser. He also gave me some big news you have not yet heard that I will reveal at the end of the article.

For the third time since the raid last week, the State and its agents came on the property. Yesterday, as the armed deputies with the judge’s warrant approached the door after Vernon refused them entry, “the kids locked the door from the inside . . . just in the nick of time.”

With continued courage, Vernon Hershberger and his family, continues his acts of defiance and disobedience to the government officials and bureaucrats—who demands that he stop providing food to those who already own it—until he gets a license that they will not issue—and threatening fines of $4000 per day per violation of rules he believes do not apply. Continue reading

The Great Cow-Manure Crisis of 2010: Amish Farming?

The Great Horse-Manure Crisis of 1894 in major cities is nothing like the Great Cow-Manure Crisis of 2010 going on in rural areas. 

Rightfully, a hundred years ago horse manure and humanure was one of the biggest public health concerns in cities and caused a lot of the diseases (typhoid, cholera and such) 

But today, a New York Times story explains to us that Amish farms are the main contributor to pollution of Chesapeake Bay—60 miles to the south. There are too many animals per acre, it is said. This must be the Great Cow-Manure Crisis of 2010. 

Now EPA-funded contractors along with other agencies are surveying the Amish farms in hopes to implement some manure management plans. Perhaps the efforts may help endangered species or the ones that are threatened in the Bay. EPA said years ago that the Endangered Species Act was meant for plants and animals– not for people– in response to a formal petition by a Cleveland attorney to designate the Amish as an endangered species. Continue reading

UPDATE: Farm Food Club Raid in Wisconsin/Fundraiser Announced

Much has occurred since the raid of Grazin’ Acres Farm last week in Wisconsin. Outrage by those in the farming community, customers who like to eat off the farm, and those that caught wind of it on all the local television, radio and newspapers continues. Many have been encouraged to phone/fax/email into state and local offices to register complaints.

The Journal had gotten so many hits that our story was ranked in the top 100 in the global WordPress community. The timing of this raid came right after the Wisconsin Governors veto of a bill to make it legal (under conditions) to sell raw milk followed by the Organic Valley decision to terminate contracts from farmers who offer raw milk. What is so unique about this episode is that Vernon Hershberger is ignoring the orders and going about his business as usual. (This is what people seem to like so much about the story–and makes them willing to stand behind him more than ever– and may be a standard response to farm raids coming: just ignore them.) Continue reading

Farmer Poem to the Government: JUST LEAVE US ALONE

Here is a nice poem from an Amish-raised farmer.


We don’t need your license, permission to be,

In the home of the brave and the land of the free.

No permits are needed, it’s easy to see

All we ask of you, is just leave us be.

Our forefathers left Europe many years ago,

And came to America, to plant and to grow.

In Europe persecution is what drove us out,

They hammered us bad with government clout.

They beat us and hung us, some were skinned alive,

And boiled up in oil, like a bunch of French fries.

We were drownded and pounded, to make us submit

To the official religion, how they interpreted it. Continue reading

ALERT: Wisconsin Family Food Ministries Raided for Raw Milk– Defying Orders


FACEBOOKERS ONLY–The Hershberger Family Farm Food Freedom (4-F) Fund

The Grazin’ Acres Incident 

Government raids like the one at Grazin’Acres seem to have one big factor in common. Not only are these farmers big on independence and healthy farm and food production, they usually have a belief it is their calling and mission to do so. The issue is becoming more obvious that these targeted raids are against those who are exercising  their religious beliefs. We look forward to see how the accusations of religious discrimination and even persecution will play out in the new public marketplace of ideas in regards to farm food raids and legal actions. At least that is my thought.–Augie Continue reading