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The Hope for Autism (ADD, ADHD, etc), Part 2: Exploring Dietary Intervention for Special Needs People

NOTE: Many readers were given this Part 2 link by mistake and they should start with Part 1 which continues here via link.

Thousands of cases of autism and neurological disorders such as ADD and ADHD have significantly improved or substantially recovered via nutritional interventions– especially in conjunction with individualized supplementation and biomedical therapies. Mary Hernandez offers Part 2 of The Hope for Autism series– as well as Part 1. — Augie


Exploring Dietary Intervention for Special Needs

By Mary Hernandez, CHC

Seeing is believing” became my life-changing motto seven years ago when my son Luis had a dramatic “awakening” as the result of dietary intervention for autism. “It’s like a light bulb went off in his brain,” declared his pre-school teacher excitedly.

The night before, nine days into a strict gluten free/casein free diet, Luis, at age 4 years and 3 months, had called me “Mommy,” responded “Yes,” and made significant eye contact for the first time since his regression into autism two and a half years prior. Tears flooded down my cheeks as my little boy, who only had five words of spontaneous speech, and on-again, off-again echolalia (repeating words with no indication of comprehension), suddenly was speaking to me in sentences.

Luis’s sudden surge in verbal competence and relatedness transformed me from dietary skeptic to proselytizer overnight. Thus began my own passionate plunge into the study of nutrition’s impact on children with learning disabilities, diabetes, ADHD, ADD, allergies, asthma and autoimmune disorders, epilepsy and other special needs as well as autistic spectrum disorders. In the seven years since that miraculous day, I guided many other families toward improvements for their children – nourishing brain function by removing foods that harm and adding in nutrients their bodies and minds were craving. Continue reading

The Hope for Autism (and ADD, ADHD and ONDs)– Part 1

As mentioned in an earlier post, I will be researching autism prevention and recovery in the coming months and will be chronicling findings here at the Journal, probably a 12-part series.

I recently received a note from Mary Hernandez of New York City on her interest in our new local Living Food bulletin. She had also given me permission to reprint her speech on the day National Autism Awareness Week was announced in New York and an article (Part 2) published this Spring in Hope Magazine.

I have titled this post The Hope for Autism (and ONDs– other neurological disorders). Hope is commonly used as a wish that something may happen. Yet the biblical term refers to the Hope as an absolute certainty that a future event will occur. The reality is that recovery (and prevention) from much of the autism and ONDs is completely or partially possible now, so that we as parents need not just wish for some improvement, pray it away or wait for The Hope.

I am most pleased to take this moment to introduce Mary to my readers, many of whom are advocates for autism and vaccination education worldwide, and her Hope Magazine— Augie

On Autism and Hope: “Nine Days Into the Special Diet, I Heard A Voice Behind Me Say…”

Below is the speech given by NAA New York Metro Chapter member Mary Hernandez at the NY City event formally designating April 2010 as Autism Awareness Month.  It’s a powerful reminder of how often the doctors write off our children, and how the children themselves prove them oh so wrong. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we who were there enjoyed listening.

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Reversal of Autism and Neurological Disorders (New Video)

I am encouraging my readers to view this new short video on the potential for recovery from autism. I will be writing more on autism recovery research, nutritional intervention and other treatments and therapies in the coming weeks.–Augie

The producer writes: “Autism Yesterday is a documentary film that explores an emerging truth many parents are discovering: Autism is a reversible condition through a process known as “biomedical intervention”. Through the eyes of five families and their recovering children, Autism Yesterday chronicles heart-wrenching stories of despair, hope, and recovery. This 30-minute documentary shares the remarkable story of children recovering from autism — perhaps the most important health issue of our time.”

Russian autistic boy from epidemic after more vaccinations were introduced, as in China.

Raine Saunders, a Journal correspondent from Boise, brought this video to my attention yesterday—as well as Part 1 of Preventing Autism and Other Disorders. This article addresses pre-conception, pre-natal and post-natal tips to make a healthy baby. These tips are also good for anyone—oh, except for the breastfeeding. Her very complete article will be posted Friday, so be sure to subscribe to keep up on the autism reversal and recovery mission.

WATCH THE VIDEO (you may need to pause it for a couple minutes to allow it to load without cutting out)

Living Food, our new paper bulletin at– is a way for you to support our work and we give a free sample before you are asked to give $10.

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The Truth About Raw Milk – Part 2

Don’t read this Part 2 until you read Part 1. There is a link back to this article here so you can continue this superb article. Part 2 is on the healing farm, fresh milk has brought to Raine and her family and offers some of the best links to further information so you too can find raw milk in your area (whether legal or not!). — Augie

The Truth About Raw Milk – Part 2

By Raine Saunders

In yesterday’s article about raw milk, we learned about the history of pasteurization, health benefits of raw milk, and some very specific information about the nutrient-dense value of milk and how it positively impacts health.

Part II will include our family’s personal testimony of our experience drinking raw milk for the last three years, questions to ask your farmer when searching for the right place to buy raw milk, and how you can become involved in a vibrant raw milk community with passionate individuals who are committed to helping keep raw milk available for everyone to consume.

To recap what was discussed in yesterday’s article, read Part I of The Truth About Raw Milk.

Our personal testimony of raw milk

My husband spent a good deal of his life fighting with allergies. He suffered through sinus congestion of one extreme or another for many years in his childhood and young adult years. He took prescription allergy medications for nearly a decade. They worked sometimes, and then as time went on, they ceased to work at all. I kept saying maybe he should cut out dairy and wheat from his diet, but he didn’t think he could do it. Finally he decided he needed to do something different since the medications no longer affected him (and had side-effects). And his allergies were not showing any sign of letting up. Continue reading

The Truth About Raw Milk – Part 2

PART 2 is out! Raine Saunders completes her new article on real fresh farm milk!

(Still trying to mooove folks over to the new premium themed blog.)

Testimony of Raw Milk’s Healing Power


This short and powerful presentation by Kathleen Pirtle is one of thousands of inspiring current accounts on the natural curative powers of raw, unpasteurized, non-homogenized, chemical-free milk. These facts were commonly known by doctors and clinics all over the U.S. 60 to 100 years ago–but somehow the knowledge has been lost . . . or hidden from us.–Augie

This piece is called My Testimony from the Hearing to Legalize Raw Milk in Wisconsin–March 10, 2010–Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

MY NAME IS Kathryne Pirtle and I am a professional clarinetist with a national career. I play with the Orion Ensemble, which tours throughout North America and am Principal Clarinetist of the Lake Forest Symphony. I also often perform with the Lyric Opera, Ravinia Festival and Chicago Symphony Orchestras. I am 52 years old and at age 45 I nearly died from a severe digestive disorder. I had suffered from chronic pain for 25 years. However, I had followed all the healthy high-fiber, low-fat eating dictates that we are told are necessary to insure good health for my entire life. Excellent health is very important to me. I ate lots of salads, grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, a little meat, eggs and dairy and only vegetable oils—no butter.

However, this way of eating was making me very ill. Besides being in chronic pain, at 42 I began experiencing acid reflux, and I developed a severe digestive disorder at 45 which caused me to have chronic diarrhea. I was going to the bathroom about 15 times a day!

Now go to Kathryne’s blog to see how she found the solution.

If you hunt at her blog, there is a special treat: a 3-minute video on the topic of nutritional healing and if you follow the links to her professional site you will find a music video of a fine classical piece by her ensemble.

Don’t forget to join up with the raw milk ARMi in your state at Now for non-Facebookers as well. Be all you can be.

State of South Dakota Attacking Small Family Dairies

Lila Streff, the Goat Lady

This article came to the Journal from one of our Atlanta Correspondents, Linn Cohen-Cole. She has a good eye for developing issues in farm and food freedom. I am re-posting this letter to the Editor of the Black Hills Today News service by Lila Streff  and the Streff Ridge Farm Goat Dairy in Custer South Dakota– Black Hills territory. This is because it is the finest example of a healing testimony of raw milk for her family, neighbors and friends she shares and trades with  versus the government/corporate partnership that is trying to put a stop to it all. It is a story of guts and courage of a “goat lady” standing up for her God-given rights to eat natural food, to obtain her families health with it and have a good livelihood without getting a permission slip from the state.

The location is most noteworthy. I think it might be time to head for the Hills and take part in this battle. This battle is not between the General Custer or The Feds against the Indians of the Black Hills again, but this time it is the government  against the all of the cowgirls and goat ladies in the state. The timing of the state-scheduled standoff is significant– December 21– the date of the national rally in Wisconsin. If you cannot make it to this showdown, perhaps you could do your part by sharing this story.

Can you help the Streff’s and thousands of others small dairies, and those in the Departments of Agriculture and Health on our side, across the country that she is asking and praying for you to do?– Augie

State of South Dakota and Their Attack on Small Family Dairies

The Miracle of Goats Milk and Prayers

Black Hills Today Publisher’s Note: Dear readers, the following letter was mailed to me from Lila Streff of Streff Ridge Farm Goat Dairy in Custer South Dakota.  I find this letter to be one of the most critical letters to the editor I have received in years and highly recommend you read it in its entirety.
I am the youngest of 10 children raised in the country on real food. We had a huge garden, raised our own beef, chickens, and even a pig once. Of course we had eggs from free-range chickens, we made bread everyday, and milked cows and goats. The goats were added to the farm when I was born.

My wonderful mom, who is 85 years old now, nearly died having me. She lived through it, Praise God, but after hemorrhaging so badly, she could not breast feed me. Doctors tried every different kind of formula and store produced milk that they could find , but  I couldn’t keep any of it down. Basically I was dying, is what the doctors said. Then one doctor said he thought goat’s milk might be my last hope. My parents purchased a goat and as I thrived, my whole family was also blessed with goat’s milk from that day on. We all grew up milking goats and cows learning many valuable lessons from farm life. We sold and shared milk with a whole lot of people.

My mom became the “goat lady” in our area. There were so many “real- life” stories of how people were helped by this unique commodity. Mostly I heard of those who had babies that needed it as I did. Goat’s milk digests in about 20 minutes and the nutrients are “bio-available” or “readily accessible”. Then there were those who had ulcers and found immediate relief. Goat’s milk has Alkaline Ash in it that neutralizes the acid in the stomach so that an ulcer can heal. This raw milk helped so many people. I never ever heard of anyone who got sick from it. Continue reading

And Be Ye Thankful

I found that making a list of all the things I am thankful for that I already have (rather than a Christmas list of all the things I want) helps give me get an attitude of gratitude. It can add up to two pages, both sides—just for the big things. So I will write a partial list of things I am thankful for tonight.


Annie and me.

I am thankful for Annie and how she cares for me and makes our house a home. We are

My son Dave playing extemporaneous composition on a Steinway Grand at Richard's near Findlay, OH.

thankful for our property, the garden, the chickens and the nature in it. I am thankful for Bob, our cat, who cares about us and will always knead my back to help me fall asleep, even though I ignore him alot.

I thank God for my son, who has struggled beyond words with autism and other disorders. We are grateful that he is happier than ever and loved and well-cared for at a special group home. We are thankful that lately we have been given help by many in our network that have offered to assist in a special designed nutritional healing plan and study. All we had to do was ask.

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Autism and Diet: Award-winning Book

I was overjoyed when I heard tonight that Julie Matthews had won a major national award for her new book. I have listened to Julie and perused their work; I have also their blockbuster DVD on Nourishing the Children that was presented at our recent Cleveland meeting. I am so pleased to introduce her to our international readers. Here is the news release tonight:

Nourishing Hope for Autism, a holistic book that promotes diet as an effective way to help reduce the symptoms of autism, has been named the Most Progressive Health Book of 2009 as part of the Independent Publishers Book Awards.
The author of the book is Julie Matthews, a noted nutritional consultant from San Francisco, who specializes in dietary intervention for autism, ADHD, and other disorders on the autism spectrum.

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Video: Health Benefits of Raw Milk

Here is a great 4-minute raw milk testimony on the health improvements of an entire family. This video was produced by one of our Journal subscribers in Australia.