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Augie's Gardening Again

Augie's Gardening Again

D A V I D A U G E N S T E I N, M. S., P. E.




David Michael Augenstein, M.S., P.E. (Augie)

 Augie helps connect people to real food, farms and nutrition education throughout Ohio and the nation using computers and through his publications and presentations. He is the publisher of a local bulletin called Living Food with a companion blog and iShop. In addition to his career in the environmental, health and safety field, his early education in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biblical research helped form his philosophy of food, health, agriculture and environmental stewardship. He has a BS in Chemical Engineering, an M.S. in industrial environmental controls and is a licensed professional engineer. His almost 40-year career included 15 years in business as a national environmental compliance publisher, trainer and conference producer for the automotive and transportation industry. Among his clients were managers at Toyota, General Motors, The Ryder System, US. Postal Service, Air Force National Guard and many more. He developed programs while at Firestone and Marathon Oil Company and worked within government regulatory agencies. His interests now are in promoting natural farming and local food systems, nutrition education in the treatment and prevention of autism and other health disorders. He and his wife Annie have a garden and some laying hens and are parents of an autistic son, Dave Jr.






B.S., Chemical Engineering, Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

M.S. Environmental, University of Cincinnati, Civil & Environmental Engineering


Dave also holds a certificate in advanced biblical studies (1977) and a certificate in physics, University of Bridgeport (1968). Registered Professional Engineer, Ohio.






As Founder and Chairman of Automotive Environmental and Safety Engineering and its education division Environmental Resource Institute, he produced and managed the environmental program for Toyota, Lexus U.S. Dealership Operations and Toyoto’s forkift division for 7 years.



His environmental guidance manuals were used by major organizations in the automotive and trucking/transportation industries, military and government operations, including Toyota Motor Sales USA, its Lexus and Forklift Division, General Motors U.S. Dealerships and over 4000 other organizations.


He held national conferences and exhibitions and has been a featured speaker at numerous annual meetings of national trade associations and has written monthly columns for two trade magazines. His career has spanned over 35 years including an Environmental Engineer for Marathon Oil Co., Firestone Tire & Rubber Co, a national laboratory and Ohio EPA.




As Founder and Chairman of the Institute, Augie produced and directed 20 national and regional conferences for environmental and safety professionals in the petroleum, automotive and trucking/transportation industries, government and military. These included the 1993 National Automotive Centennial Management Conference and Exposition in the Washington, D.C., commemorating the 500th year since the Columbus Discovery and 100th year of the American automobile and a century of environmental progress.



Produced and directed the 1996 ERI National Conference (Chicago) commemorating the Centennial of American and International Automobile Racing.



His conferences included the largest exhibitions of related products in the industry. Featured speakers included U.S. Congressional Offices, a former Administrator of U.S. EPA, Exxon, Chevron, Amoco, BP, Toyota, Midas, Dupont, Dow, Prestone, Valvoline and the U.S. Postal Service, consultants, attorneys and equipment manufacturers.


Augie maintained a Board of Directors and Advisory Board with key managers from Amoco, Chevron, National Automobile Dealers Assn., K-Mart, Midas International, Ryder, Leaseway Transportation.



He originated the first Environmental Leadership and Service Award in the automotive service/motor fleet maintenance industry.





Dave published a national newsletter called EnviroLine for 7 years through which he updated the industry on major developments and provide commentary on national policies and regulations.


He authored five leading Environmental and Safety Guides which became an industry standard. His guidance manuals were used by all automotive service operations of General Motors; Toyota Motor Sales USA, Lexus, Volvo, Subaru, DuPont/Conoco, Midas International Ryder, Laidlaw, U.S. Air Force National Guard, Air Combat Command, US Postal Service (SE Region) and in over 4000 other companies.


Publisher and Editor of 20 Conference Proceedings with over 150 topics and 100 contributors.


24 monthly columns in Fleet Equipment and Fleet Maintenance magazines.




Augie developed a short course which was used by the National Association of Fleet Administrators, to receive credit toward the designation of Certified Fleet Manager (CFM) and by the American Trucking Association ATA National Committee of Motor Fleet Supervisors-Training & Certification in certifying fleet managers.





Received the designation of a lifetime Kentucky Colonel from the Governor of the State of Kentucky in recognition for work for the betterment of the state.



Product of the Month from Fleet Owner magazine.


His company has been the subject of featured articles in 17 national trade magazines.


Received a special product award at the APPA/MEMA Show, the world’s largest automotive aftermarket trade show held in Las Vegas, where he was a featured speaker for three years.


Consultant for ABC News on a 20/20 segment on environmental overregulation.

10 responses to “My Story

  1. First thank you for the GMO video posting and for your good work. Is it possible for me to post it on my YOUTube channel???

    We just had the first International Raw Milk symposium yesterday in Toronto and we are fighting for upor right to choose what we put in our MOUTH…

    I have a You Tube channel and we are at the moment in Court in Ontario for having a farm fresh unpasteurized raw milk cow share program.
    My site is : Please do check it out and perhaps let you friends know or even upload any of the videos to get the word out many blessings from Marianne in Canada

  2. I hope you get my previous posting

  3. Sorry for the major delay. I just caught this tonight. Sure, you can upload any video your want, including the GMO vid. Don’t think for a moment we produce these.

  4. Thanks for building this blog. WordPress blogs are the best way to get information quickly posted into search engines, thereby putting more truth in front of the public.

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  6. You rock Dave! Love you Brother!

  7. Glad to have found you (via Weston A Price group in IL.) We are also trying to heal with food. My daughter was diagnosed with PANDAS last year, an autoimmune disease affecting her neurologically and caused by infection (strep.)

    Thank you for fighting for food rights for us. For some of us, it is the difference between having a life and not. From your bio, I see that you understand that.

    Sending much love your way!!

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