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Ohio Farm Wars Start: Why 12 Major Sustainable Small Farm Orgs Oppose Ohio Issue 2– Animal Care and Feeding Laws

Please go directly to one of the Ohio Issue 2  Command Operations Centers for the latest, including an electronic Hot Button for you to use and an arsenal of posters, signs and flyers.


Here is why food, farm and freedom groups all across the state and nation are opposed to Ohio Issue 2. Directly below is a Food and Water Watch release. This was passed on by one of our readers. Other statements follow. Then, on to the Animal Farm theme and hard-hitting commentary that follows.


Dear Shareholders,

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Grab the Issue 2 Hot Button. Spread it like manure.

Many of you have been asking where we stand on Issue 2 in Ohio,

please see below with attachments. Please pass on to family and friends
and please, please, please, get out and vote!
Thank you and God bless,
Dan Kremer
E.A.T. Food for Life Farm


We, the undersigned, oppose Issue 2, which would amend the Ohio state
to create a Livestock Board with unchecked power over
livestock rules and regulations. We believe that this is an
inappropriate use of the Ohio constitution, and would set a dangerous
precedent by creating a permanent place for special interests in the

*We further oppose Issue 2 for the following reasons:* Continue reading