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32,000-Cow SuperMax Dairy Factory

This video was submitted to the Journal by Scott from Alliance, Ohio. Scott is a member of Ohio Connections.

This public relations commercial from Fair Oaks Farms of Indiana shows a factory of 32,000 cows supplying milk to 8 million people every day through WalMart stores. There is no mention or video of the cows on grass and pasture. In the 5 minute video, you will see the big barns in this confined animal feeding operation (CAFO) surrounded by 25,000 acres of probably just cornfields– part of the feed. Continue reading

Factory Farms: An Origin of Swine Flu and Other Diseases and Illnesses

Dead Hogs, Flies and Maggots at a Factory Farm

Dead Hogs, Flies and Maggots at a Factory Farm

The Journal had previously reported on a study showing a significant increase in infant death rates (123 more deaths per 100,000 births) in U.S. counties with large factory farms—confined animal feeding operations (CAFOs). (Obviously the death and illness rates are much higher downwind and close in to CAFOs). Much more has been dug up since then. (Googling “swine flu”cafos yields 28,000 articles)

Hear what David Kirby says in his research article, Swine Flu 1999–We Were Warned:

It now appears that six of the eight genetic components in the currently circulating virus are direct descendants of a swine flu virus that first emerged in North Carolina a decade ago. That bug was discovered in August 1998, at a 2,400-head breeding facility in Newton Grove, NC, where all the sows suddenly came down with a phlegmatic cough. Pregnant animals spontaneously aborted their litters.

Below are startling published studies proving high levels of illnesses in children living near CAFOs. Continue reading