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A Horse Eats Cheeseburgers at Fast Food Drive-up (3-min hilarious video)

Patches on the way to McDonald's

Four Feet for Fast Meat

Who woulda thunk? Patches dudn’t care for Coke, but this horse likes daily drives in a convertible, cheeseburgers from a fast-food drive-up window . . . and apple juice! You will surely want to share this (buttons below). Laughter is the best medicine! — Augie

We need more horses, goats and cows in the new ARMi. Now, you and your farm animals can freely register 4-F and join the new ARMi. 4-F is Family Farm Food Freedom (in the real Army means “unfit to serve”). There is a hot free sample of Living Food in the mess hall after you sign up for free. Quit horsing around: grab the old ladies, pack of the babies, hop on your horses and moove to freely register 4-F with the new ARMi.




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