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Breaking . . . More on U.S. EPA Cow Gas Tax: Leave My Cows Behind

The Flat (ulence) Tax

Hot Air Balloons Over Washington, DC

Hot Air Balloons Over Washington, DC

The latest federal actions that could effectively “tax” cows is much to do about nothing–that is, launching another attack against cows with a trivial pursuit: global warming. It may lead some to conclude it is another assault on food and the family farm and more specifically on the rapidly growing movement of sustainable agriculture and naturally grown foods, small herds and the family cow– but I think it is incorrect to draw a direct link. However, our story covers 400 scientists who “Just Say No” to the business of global warming in general, let alone the cows.

The Journal is a bit slow covering this story on the race to save the planet. It is now certain that a Cow Tax is the latest remedy to change weather patterns, although some have said it is already too late.  On the other hand, we are offered some hope by at least one insider: it may be too soon to panic over cow emissions.

As you may recall, Alabama was the first in the nation to propose a $175 per year tax on every cow to help limit methane emissions late last year. There is now wider concern over cattle exhaust (front end and back end) and I am not so sure it includes emissions from the cow pies.

But now, the feds are involved. EPA, according to a volume of news articles throughout the U.S. this month, gave notice in the Federal Register, to take comments on possible rules that could regulate emissions from many sources–including cows, making it what some have called a “national cow tax”. It was as if hot air balloons were released above Washington, fueled not only by the Alabama winds, but also Nobel Prize Winner Captain Planet himself, only to be shot down by the free subject Report.

(Actually, EPA could likely regulate emissions on larger CAFOs, which has stirred up the mustard. Smaller herds are not likely to be impacted. The Farm Bureau issued a hot air ballon of their own, an exxagerated news release, that started all this Cow Tax talk. This is a common strategy: blowing something out of proportion in order to create alot of noise to stop possible new rules.) Continue reading