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The Wrenching Transformation of America

This is the finest article, published April 2, 2009,  I have seen for the general populace on the Agenda 21, a very deceptive plan being implemented to transform America. They have largely succeeded.

This is a superb article– I have written similar things in the past, but Tom hits a real nerve.

We reprint Part I here. To continue with Part II, we will take you to that link at American Policy Center at the end of the post.


Ed note: this speech was delivered in Kalispell, Montana and Spokane, Washington to County Republican Lincoln Day dinners in late March. The speech caused a firestorm in Spokane, resulting in a battle with the local city council over it’s partnership with ICLEI and radical environmental policy. One elected official said I had exposed too much – as he walked out on my presentation.  The battle goes on today.

The Wrenching Transformation of America

A Speech by Tom Deweese

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve come a long way to get here and I have such a short time to be with you. So, let’s just get everything out on the table right now, shall we?

I believe the American people, and their every action, are being ruled, regulated, restricted, licensed, registered, directed, checked, inspected, measured, numbered, counted, rated, stamped, censured, authorized, admonished, refused, prevented, drilled, indoctrinated, monopolized, extorted, robbed, hoaxed, fined, harassed, disarmed, dishonored, fleeced, exploited, assessed, and taxed to the point of suffocation and desperation.

America is drowning in a sea of rules and regulations, particularly under the guise of “saving the environment.” Continue reading