Go to The Environmental Deception section of the Journal.

This section covers Agenda 21–Transforming America; Your Local Socialist Organizing Principle; Overly Strict Air Quality Goals that are Unattainable; Water Controls; The Ethanol Scam; Climate Control taxes and other selected topics.

These are all related to more governmental/corporate control of property, farms, food and water.

My 35-year career in the environmental, health and safety profession gives me some knowledge and perspective– and it is time to share. I wish to introduce other professionals, to enlighten our readers on the agenda of environmental regulation by unelected committees on the local level that are directly influenced by the United Nations and their affiliates.

You should find our articles and those we introduce to be most interesting and politically incorrect. However, be prepared to be uncomfortably challenged.

Go to The Environmental Deception section of the Journal.

6 responses to “Environ-mental

  1. Blasting the lid off the covered-up issues of mental and emotional disorders caused by environmental poisoning is a top priority, in my opinion. Understanding the real physical causes of mental illness and breaking free from pharma-induced physical and mental debilitation will restore our personal power in more ways than one.

  2. Hi Barb; Was involved with 1000 Building trades workers in a Pulp Mill X-P 02/04 erecting a new Recovery Boiler, titled an Air Emissions Project. NW Ontario has the highest MS rate in Canada, guess what, almost every town in the NW had a Pulp or Paper Mill with residential areas almost right up against the mill fences. With the solvents, Neurotoxins eg. carbon Disulphide for one, little wonder MS was a prominent disease. And little wonder the local Neurologists don’t have any idea as to the cause. Ignorance is bliss for the disease-establishment.

  3. Has an epidemilogical study been done that factors in location, computer modeling or downwind concentrations over the many years to indicate a correlation of MS incidence (as well as other health disorders)? Probably not– as there would be no funding. But just as soon as the study is published– it would be discredited.

    A recent study of living near CAFOs also show anslight increase of mortality of infants and health problems.

  4. Well Augie, they fired the first head of the Cancer Clinic when he started disclosing clusters of disease in certain residential areas that were downwind
    in the City of Thunder Bay which had a ring of 4 Pulp & Paper mills. Now only 1 is struggling too survive. On the project they did do modeling, but decided too risk our health. The Project Client Owner had built a similar facility 2/3
    years previous in another Province and
    put a Super Stack up with a manifold collecting system to avoid the issues. They decided $$$ saved, would justify
    the risk, threatening the Building Trades to go Non-Union… We were basically sheep to the slaughter, finding
    this out in hindsight.

  5. Gerald Landry, I grew up in Thunder Bay and never came across information linking the paper mill with downwind cancer clusters.

    Do you know where I can find this information?

  6. Fantastic article and site with lots of good information. Thank you!

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