Farmageddon — A New Moovie Premiere

A new movie called Farmageddon is now being released and screened in LA, DC and New York–and we have a four-minute preview below. Kristin Canty, the producer, became so concerned at the government raids on small farms, she decided to capture the heart and heartbreaks of individual cases for the whole country to see.

The Journal has followed state and federal regulatory and enforcement actions since its inception and has posted over 60 stories. I have interviewed many of the victims of these raids and legal actions–all small, family farmers. The Farm War is a secret war– rarely do local, state or national media pick up on these atrocities. Thus, it is important for all those who love real food and farmers to stand up and do their part.

We already have the right to choose our own foods we deem healthy for our families based upon our own research. We also have the right to purchase our foods from those worthy of doing business with. These rights are given to us by the Creator and is written in the U.S. Constitution and every state. We need not ask permission to exercise these rights. These raids and gestapo actions cut off the supply of healthy, fresh foods, such as raw milk, from families who depend on it to restore and maintain their health.

But, FDA has officially stated Americans do not have an inherent right to choose their foods. The government/corporate farm and food partnerships are making it so that soon our food choices will be those approved as safe and healthy only by the government definitions.

What you can do for farm and food freedom is the simple act of SHARING this announcement with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers (buttons below!) We hope to reach many in the areas where the movie is being debuted. Also, please join our 4-F Project below. Please do your part!

Kristin Canty sent out this announcement today:

Please attend the big screenings which can help the movie go nationwide.

Farmageddon…The Unseen War on American Farms is now premiering in Washington, DC, as part of a three city tour.  It will be playing at the West End Cinema from Friday, June 17th to Thursday, June 23rd.  Next it heads to Los Angeles, California at the LaemmleMonica 4Plex from June 24th to June 30th, and then in New York City at Cinema Village July 8th to 14th.

For more information or to buy tickets check the theater websites below, or go to

If you care about your local farms, raw milk, and real food…please attend one of the big screenings if you live in close proximity to one of the three cities.  Also, encourage others in the three cities to attend.  If the film gets good box office there, it could spread nationwide and could help the issue of food rights be on the forefront of American consciousness.

The bigger the numbers at these three screenings, the better chance it has of playing many other places in the US.  Without good notice, it may not go nationwide.

Kristin Canty
Producer/Director of Farmageddon


Announcing the World Premiere of Farmageddon–the Unseen War on American Family Farms

Friday, June 17 through Thursday, June 23rd!

Tickets are available from the West End Cinema box office.

West End Cinema
2301 M Street NW
Washington, DC

LOS ANGELES, California
June 24-30, 2011

Laemmle Theatres in Santa Monica, California June 24-30, 2011

July 8-14th, 2011

Cinema Village
22 East 12th Street


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4 responses to “Farmageddon — A New Moovie Premiere

  1. This movie has the potential to open the eyes of many people. Normally, if you mention a raid like these to people–they think you have only part of the story–as there is something more to it.

  2. When I see what the FDA is doing… it just makes me want to cry. Why does our government hate us so?

  3. RON PAUL 2012 Stop this insanity….vote Ron Paul!!

  4. How exciting! I’m looking forward to seeing this, and I hope it goes nationwide. This is a story so few people know about.

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