What raw dairies can learn from the recent episode between Organic Pastures and California regulators

The Bovine

From David E. Gumpert on the Complete Patient blog:

“The Harvard Business School is always on the lookout for interesting business case studies to help teach its high-powered students about the latest trends in business management.

I’m going to nominate Organic Pastures Dairy Co. for consideration as an HBS case—as an extraordinary example of a company that has forged such a close bond with its customers that they have become a potent political weapon on behalf of the company. Whatever the food safety issues at Organic Pastures, the true nature of the agenda became clear when the California Department of Food and Agriculture rushed to lift the quarantine after OPDC’s owner, Mark McAfee, said, “Enough screwing around,” and had the clout to back up his demand. Without the clout, OPDC would still be waiting, and waiting, and waiting. It’s clearer than ever that politics comes before any considerations of safety…

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UPDATED: New Armed Raid on Private Food Club

Armed teams from federal, state and local agencies raided, for the second time in a year, a private food club called Rawesome today near Los Angeles. At least three have been arrested on conspiracy charges related to offering raw milk products to club members. James Stewart, a manager of the club; Victoria Bloch, a Weston A. Price Foundation chapter leader; and Sharon Palmer of Healthy Family Farm. BIZARRE Twist at the end!

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Mom of Three Autistic Kids Tells All in “All I Can Handle: I’m No Mother Teresa” –Book Review

Kim Stagliano, mother of three autistic daughters, along with her husband Mark live a life no one would envy.  With several periods of unemployment, debts, relocations and of course, schools, doctors and treatments, the reader is thrust into Kim’s world.  And what a world it is!

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Lying with Statistics: Swine Flu Vaccine Program a Huge Success?

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Finding Your Safe Raw Milk– Locally and Economically


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A Taste of theTraditional Cuisine of the Republic of Georgia

By Mr. Augie

Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie hosted a family picnic in Alliance, Ohio on Saturday, Independence weekend. Much to our surprise, a special meal was prepared and served–before our American barbequed 5.5 pound pastured chicken, potato salad and baked beans.

There is spiritual meaning to natural food and drink, a communion among family and friends.  Having several authentically traditional Republic of Georgia cuisine specially prepared for you table-side surrounded by nature is one thing, but having it prepared by newlyweds Shota Gagaidze and Laife Janovyak  recent arrivals from the Republic makes it a most memorable  feast for the family. Georgia was once part of the USSR but now have their independence.

Shota preparing the mtsvadi

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The Fluoride Report Card: Next Asbestos, Lead and Tobacco?

The Fluoride Report Card by Washington state Attorney James Robert Deal was recently handed to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. UK antifluoridation activist and biologist Doug Cross wrote a commentary on the Fluoride Report Card, a brilliant 50-some page summary revealed in full here at the Journal. Mr. Cross is founder of the UF Councils Against Fluoridation with expertise in the fields of engineering, toxicology, public health management, legal compliance and human rights.

The accelerating fluoride controversy does not just threaten the water fluoridation industry; it threatens vast commercial, dental and health care empires that deal in fluoride toothpastes, rinses, pills, vitamins, baby waters, drops, lacquers and treatments—and the dentist fees for their applications—and the profits from the treatment of the after effects of fluoride. All the more the dental industry, as represented by the American Dental “Trade” Association (ADA), their state affiliates and the higher echelons of public health bureaucracies, must protect their sacred secret; or the empires burn like tobacco.  Indeed, fluoride could be the next asbestos and lead tragedy. Continue reading

Farmageddon — A New Moovie Premiere

A new movie called Farmageddon is now being released and screened in LA, DC and New York–and we have a four-minute preview below. Kristin Canty, the producer, became so concerned at the government raids on small farms, she decided to capture the heart and heartbreaks of individual cases for the whole country to see.

The Journal has followed state and federal regulatory and enforcement actions since its inception and has posted over 60 stories. I have interviewed many of the victims of these raids and legal actions–all small, family farmers. The Farm War is a secret war– rarely do local, state or national media pick up on these atrocities. Thus, it is important for all those who love real food and farmers to stand up and do their part. Continue reading

Dietitians Are Now Being Trained by Coca-cola Inc. That Sugar, Fluoride, Artificial Colors are SAFE for Children!

Dietitians now can get continuing education credits toward their professional registration requirements by taking courses sponsored by Coca-cola, Inc. that teach that sugar, fluoride and artificial flavors, colors and other additives are safe. Those that believe otherwise are branded as hysterical. This is not The Onion, folks, this is the real thing.

This is a classic method of propagandists: marginalize the opposition and label them  whackos or conspiracy theorists. These tactics are also used on those who teach that fluoride is a neurotoxin, that vaccinations can trigger autism or raw milk is healthier than pasteurized milk with additives and growth hormones. It reminds me when last year the American Psychiatrists Association entered into the long list of mental disorders  those overly concerned with what they eat. Continue reading