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A Taste of theTraditional Cuisine of the Republic of Georgia

By Mr. Augie

Mr. Augie and Mrs. Annie hosted a family picnic in Alliance, Ohio on Saturday, Independence weekend. Much to our surprise, a special meal was prepared and served–before our American barbequed 5.5 pound pastured chicken, potato salad and baked beans.

There is spiritual meaning to natural food and drink, a communion among family and friends.  Having several authentically traditional Republic of Georgia cuisine specially prepared for you table-side surrounded by nature is one thing, but having it prepared by newlyweds Shota Gagaidze and Laife Janovyak  recent arrivals from the Republic makes it a most memorable  feast for the family. Georgia was once part of the USSR but now have their independence.

Shota preparing the mtsvadi

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Internet Radio: Mr. Augie on Raw Milk and Food Freedom

Federal and state food safety police agencies are on the hunt for those people who consume raw milk and the farmers that produce it. However, the Milk Wars are not about safety at all and you will hear why in this 30-minute broadcast.

Mr. Augie (that’s me) will be on Ohio Public Square radio this evening (Thursday, June 9) at 6 pm EST or anytime after in the archived edition. The topic is farm fresh milk vs. regular store milk and food freedom. Ohio Public Square radio covers Ohio-specific and national  liberty news and issues.

Here is the direct link to the show. You can call in with your questions if you like.

If you are interested in finding safe raw milk locally and economically,  consider ordering our ePaper instant download.

Taste of Slovenia– Grand Food Tour in Central Europe

A marvelous food tour in the Slovenian countryside is coming up in June, and Sylvia Onusic says there are a few openings still left–and she has extended the deadline for registering. I have selected just two days of the eight-day itinerary to show here. See the full itinerary and some of the menus here.


  • 9.15 – depart by bus to Radovljica
  • 9.30 – visit to Apiculture Museum with guided tour
  • 11.00 – visit to Honey Bread Museum at  Gostilna Lectar
  • 12.15 –return by bus to Bled, time at leisure, stroll along the Lake, sample a  Kremsnita and coffee at a lakeside cafe.
  • 13.15 – lunch (optional)
  • 14.00 – depart to Lake Bohinj, a natural Alpine glacial lake, and Bohinj villages.
  • 14.30 – visit local farm,  cheese tasting  of local indigenous cheeses like “Mohant”
  • 16.00 – stop in Studor, a picturesque Bohinj village
  • 16.15 – visit to dairy museum in Stara Fuzina
  • 17.15 – visit Bohinj Sirarna (Cheese Producers) in Srednja vas, sample the indigenous cheese “Bohinski sir, “ and other local dairy products
  • 18.45 –visit Drago Kotnik in Cesnjice, a beekeeper who makes honey products and sparkling wine from honey;  honey tasting,  cakes, and wine tasting,  local music
  • 19.30 – dinner at “Gostilna Francka pri Hrvatu” in Srednja vas, featuring local cuisine                                          
  • Return to Bled
  • Overnight


  • 9.00 – depart to Postojna
  • 10.30 – visit Predjama  Castle    
  • 12.00 – depart to  the Goriska Brda region of Slovenia
  • 13.15 – wine and brandy tasting at Stekar Winery with fingerfood lunch
  • 15.00 – sparkling wine tasting at Bjana Winery
  • 16.30 – accommodation
  • 18.30 – visit to  estate cellar and wine tasting at Movia Winery with Ales Kristancic, »Magician of Movia«   and Founder of  »Slow Food Slovenia«
  • 20.00 – dinner at Movia Winery with Ales and Vesna Kristancic
  • Overnight


  • 8.30 – depart to Stanjel
  • 9.30 – arrive Stanjel, walking tour of the town
  • 10.45 –Prosciutto and charcuterie tasting, accompanied by Teran wine at Boris Lisjak Winery in Dutovlje
  • 12.15 – depart to Goce
  • 13.00 – Slow Food lunch  at Cejkotova domacija
  • 16.15 – depart to Lipica
  • 17.00 – visit the stud farm, home of the Lippizaner Stallions
  •  See the full itinerary and some of the menus here.

ex Big Pharma Drug Saleslady Speaks Out on the Inside Facts

Pay the Pharmacy or Pay the Farmacy.

I am so awed by Gwen Olsen (Confessions of an Rx Drug Pusher) and how she spills the pills of the inside motives, purposes and plans of our beloved multinational pharmaceutical corporations. It is worth just tasting this for a minute–then expect to listen for seven. — Augie

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Liberty Silver Dollars Illegal: U.S. Proves the Golden Rule

The golden rule is He who has the gold, rules.

by Augie

In 2007, silver and gold was confiscated during a SWAT team raid by the FBI, Secret Service and Department of Treasury on the Liberty Dollars. I had also purchased two of these pure silver Liberty Dollars as shown in the picture and I have been interested in this case since then. Now we have a felony conviction of the person who started this alternative currency with real silver and gold coins.

In March, the producer of a privately minted alternative currency called Liberty Dollars was convicted of counterfeiting and the actions of his organization is being called a form of domestic terrorism by the U.S. Department of Treasury. Liberty Dollars were pure silver—or 99.95%– or in other words genuine, especially compared to the silver content of U.S. coins—zilch. Continue reading

Radio Show: Augie on Fluoridation of Water Supplies

I am a guest on an internet radio show about fluoridation of water supplies, the health dangers and the public’s right to know of its effects. I will also cover the unethical practice of supporting continued fluoridation in light of volumes of research saying it is unsafe, ineffective and unneeded. LISTEN TO THE FIRST 5 MINUTES TO GET HOOKED ON THIS FLUORIDE DOSE. — Augie

A Horse Eats Cheeseburgers at Fast Food Drive-up (3-min hilarious video)

Patches on the way to McDonald's

Four Feet for Fast Meat

Who woulda thunk? Patches dudn’t care for Coke, but this horse likes daily drives in a convertible, cheeseburgers from a fast-food drive-up window . . . and apple juice! You will surely want to share this (buttons below). Laughter is the best medicine! — Augie

We need more horses, goats and cows in the new ARMi. Now, you and your farm animals can freely register 4-F and join the new ARMi. 4-F is Family Farm Food Freedom (in the real Army means “unfit to serve”). There is a hot free sample of Living Food in the mess hall after you sign up for free. Quit horsing around: grab the old ladies, pack of the babies, hop on your horses and moove to freely register 4-F with the new ARMi.




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Anniversary of the Journal and ARMi– iShop and Living Food has Launched

Take our 30-second survey and tell us about yourself!

Hello Readers,


We launched a special email management service called MailChimp for Alliance for Raw Milk Internationale (ARMi) and the subscription to the Journal.  A free sample of Living Food bulletin is available to those completing our easy 30-second survey. You can then proceed to enter your email address. You will then be able to:

  • Subscribe freely to the Journal and make sure you get the Updates (if you subscribe already, please do take the survey also)
  • Get a free sample of Living Food (both issues)
  • Join up with the ARMi in your state– also free– and post your farm food freedom stuff there, or stuff related to the focal point, real milk.
  • Help Annie and I make our system more efficient and effective, saving us time so we can keep developing it even faster. THANKS !!!

We converted to the MailChimp service to have better control of 1500 subscribers and to eliminate duplicate emails of Alerts and Posts (triplicate, in some cases). It is more problematic for those 10,000 estimated to be in the ARMi system not getting Alerts in their emails via Facebook messaging or getting to many duplicates.

December 12 marked our second anniversary of the Journal. I cannot tell you the great joy I have had providing my readers with information on real farm and real food– some my original articles and some by contributors. Having an outlet of expression has helped me immensely also.

Christmas Day marks the first anniversary of the ARMi with the opening of the Wisconsin Alliance for Raw Milk on Facebook and within a day I think we had over 500 members. Then Anji Sandage and I added ARMi units for all 50 states. Today, we probably have 10,000 fans all together, with another 14,000 in the Raw Milk Facebook site. (It sounds like a strong ARMi, but the response rate is not that good) The average state is about 200 fans with a high of 1600 in WI and the International site. Most need an Officer or two to keep the action up on the front, pages that is.  Unlike the real Army, ARMi is fun and easy. Join up with your state ARMi when you take the short survey!

The Journal has now clocked 280,000 page views in the 2 years with some days as low as 200 with highs over 800—with 2700 being the highest day yet. They come mainly from the US, Canada, UK and Australia but readers have come from all countries in the world except inner Africa. Thank you to all readers that have left comments.

The most successful venture (and the most fun and rewarding) is the launch of Living Food paper bulletins. I get to visit and learn about our sponsors all over Ohio and asking for their support of the bulletin by advertising. We also have at least 30 distributors also–mainly in the Canton Ohio area.

In the past two months we have put up an iShop (an online store) for health and nutrition eBooks and more! I am turning more of my attention to recovery and prevention of autism/neurological disorders, but I will be posting other topics such as food freedom and regulatory actions, and of course vaccination awareness.

From time to time, I will post some recipes and other hard-hitting, and unique commentary on the real food moovement, too. I will also write about new products and books and generate some revenues to help sustain our operations! I thank everyone who have purchased something already– before the grand opening.

Merry Christmas and a Great New Year!

Augie — David Michael Augenstein, M.S., P. Eng.

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War of the Words — Eating the Greens & Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

War of the Words — Eating the Greens and Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

I have referred to the War of the Words several times in my talks and conversations –and it seems to resonate, so I will expound here. There is some intended sarcasm also.– Augie

Scribble Scrabble Scramble

Make Up Your Own Words

Government, corporate and academia change-makers are  always defining and redefining our words for us. “Water” for example may have different meanings depending on the specific laws or regulations the word is set within. Redefinition is an age-old practice to manipulate people and take control. As soon as you understand one word defined, you can be sure its definition has already been changed. Attorneys love it.

Organic comes to mind. If you search the Journal you will not find me using the term– as I have a distaste for it– like organic CAFO-type factory farmed chickens and eggs. The word has caused so much confusion and frustration– I don’t like to use it. USDA stole the term from the grassroots and twisted it to where can mean a battery of concentration camps of 250,000 chickens or even a million–voila, most of your organic chickens and eggs at the supermarket. Funny, pesticides and herbicides are organic too.

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Growing Local Roots– Day Trip on the Road to the Real Food Revolution

A short story of my trip to Wayne County near my home is followed by a short review of the book Growing Roots. I will file this post under Augie’s Doghouse– Augie

Living Food on the book table at Whitefeather's

Last Saturday, I found myself once again in beautiful Wayne County, Ohio– just minutes from my home. I picked up my quarter of a grass-fed beef steer (with the dog bones for making broth). The picture is a shot of our Living Food bulletins on the book table. Whitefeather Meats is one of the few remaining slaughter/butcher/retail shops in the area and a lot of cattlemen I know (and will get to know) truck their pastured animals there for processing. As usual, it was exciting to see them again, since I only get to those parts of the woods once a year. Continue reading