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CAFOnated Meats, Eggs and Dairy

DeCAFOnated Meats, Eggs and Dairy Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) are a highly destructive method of food production and is simply animal slavery. Chances are,  in CAFO-concentrated Ohio, CAFO expansions and new construction will likely double in the next five years . . . unless something is done quickly. The turning point for me was to see the video on the 32,000-cow confined dairy in Indiana. I would be much in favor of implementing massive DeCAFOnation programs setting those animals free.

Read DeCAFOnated Meats, Eggs and Dairy at the new Journal.

War of the Words — Eating the Greens & Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

War of the Words — Eating the Greens and Naturally Sustainable Organic Foods

I have referred to the War of the Words several times in my talks and conversations –and it seems to resonate, so I will expound here. There is some intended sarcasm also.– Augie

Scribble Scrabble Scramble

Make Up Your Own Words

Government, corporate and academia change-makers are  always defining and redefining our words for us. “Water” for example may have different meanings depending on the specific laws or regulations the word is set within. Redefinition is an age-old practice to manipulate people and take control. As soon as you understand one word defined, you can be sure its definition has already been changed. Attorneys love it.

Organic comes to mind. If you search the Journal you will not find me using the term– as I have a distaste for it– like organic CAFO-type factory farmed chickens and eggs. The word has caused so much confusion and frustration– I don’t like to use it. USDA stole the term from the grassroots and twisted it to where can mean a battery of concentration camps of 250,000 chickens or even a million–voila, most of your organic chickens and eggs at the supermarket. Funny, pesticides and herbicides are organic too.

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Vaccinations are the Answer to Global Population: Bill Gates

Gate’s Law: CO2= P x S x E x C

Vaccinations are the answer for depopulation according to Bill Gates.

There is no doubt the leaders of the nations of the earth, through the United Nations and many other global bodies have programs for human depopulation control; such as the UN Population Division and Fund. The emphasis is access to health care, reproductive health and vaccinations for all world citizens. These are the same agencies that brought the WHO H1N1 flu pandemic response plan. Food and supplements/herb controls and safety are handled by other divisions. I can only hope there are two diametrically opposed forces within the agencies.

All of this is said to be necessary to reduce C02– exhaled gases. I do not want to address global warming (a professional specialty of mine) here– but this plant food that creates oxygen is not only necessary– the environment and human health benefit from it. In brief, weather cycles are cause by the Sun— ITSS– it’s the Sun stupid. Climate change scaremongering from folks like Al Gore is to promote energy controls and taxes to fund the ideas Gates refers to. It is greenwashing.

The man is dangerous.

An eleven-year-old boy has infinitely more wisdom on health, food and farming than this man. The boy’s video was posted earlier today.

Super 5-min Ohio-made Videos: NO on Issue 2

“Brilliant . . .high quality and impact . . .realistic”–Journal of Natural Food and Healing

Michael Taylor of Cincinnati, a WAPF Coordinator and a member of Ohio Connections has produced this superior No on Ohio Issue 2 video series. Please check out for a few enlightening YouTube playlists.


The Ohio Town Forum video featuring those NO and YES viewpoints was submitted to the Journal a few days ago, however we were unable to post it until today. It is also provided below. You will notice the YES folks are passionate and truthful while the NO folks parroted the tired old mantras.

For more information and tools on Issue 2, go to and the Issue 2 series at the Journal.

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Farm and Food Monopoly Cards Are Here! – STOP Issue 2


Farm and Food Monopoly Cards to DEFEAT Ohio Issue 2– Animal Care and Feeding Laws.

Due to demand, the Monopoly Cards are now here. These cards are being distributed in stores, at meetings and events and on the internet.

SHARE this with your social networks, email lists, blogs and websites so they too can have these fun and nifty Farm and Food Monopoly Cards. GO. Or, you can just simply give them this shortlink:

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Audio– Town Forum on Ohio Animal Care Law–Issue 2

Proposed Ohio Animal Care and Feeding Laws

donttreadJoe Bozzi, Director of the Ohio Freedom Alliance submitted this Audio of the Town Forum on Issue 2/Columbus, Ohio. Guests were the Farm Bureau, Ohioans Against Constitutional Takeover, Tim Wightman (Farmer), Buckeye Institute and others. (In my opinion, the Vote No/Freedom folks out shined the Vote Yes folks.)

Listen to the Town Forum:

I would like to also introduce you to the sponsor and host of the Forum –Ohio Liberty Council.

The Ohio Liberty Council was initiated by members of local Tea Party groups, 912 groups, the Ohio Freedom Alliance, and the Campaign for Liberty in June 09.  It was conceived as a way to get all liberty minded groups and individuals in Ohio connected and communicating on issues and activities.  But more importantly we seek to create concerted action among all these groups in Ohio.  By working together we can be more successful and  achieve real results to protect and promote liberty in Ohio.

The video will be available tomorrow.

Animal Farm 2009– Ohio Issue 2

Animal Farm 2009

by Augie

animalfarm1 There are three cute videos below– including Animal Farm, The Meatrix and Store Wars which help to get the Vote NO on Issue 2 message across.

An Ohio constitutional amendment will be on the November ballot to create a Board for Livestock Care Standards. It will develop farm animal care and feeding standards to create rules to be enforced by the Ohio Department of Agriculture (ODA) The board will also consider agricultural best management practices, biosecurity on livestock farms, animal disease prevention, food safety and food production economics. See our entire series on the potential Animal Care and Feeding laws.

According to a number of sources, Issue 2 is meant for all farm animals and all farms. But is it meant for the Factory Farms and CAFOs? Not really.

Based on what is known, it seems like this could be “one small step for Little Chicken, one giant leap for Big Pig”— after all, as in George Orwell’s Animal Farm:

“all animals are equal, but some are more equal than others”.

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Command Operations Center: Ohio–Issue 2 Arsenal

Grab this Hot Button

Grab this Hot Button

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NEW Oct 22– Farm and Food Monopoly Cards — an Ohio Power Play

NEWEST AND MOST POWERFUL WEAPON: These are real nifty Farm Monopoly Card handouts for farmers markets, farm and health food stores everywhere. Quick and cheap, these little tricks get the powerful message out that a NO vote is good for the small farmer and those that want to feed on fresh farm food and everyone else who eats. Make an Ohio Power Play with these bad boys.

Print out and handout. Better yet, give a bunch to the farm stores and health food stores so they can give them out. Includes a link back to our Issue 2 Series at the Journal. GET THEM HERE.Animal Farm 2009 and Facts about Issue 2, Small Farm Association Statements and Reader Commentary are now located here.

Ohio Farm Wars Now Raging

IMPORTANT: This is one of the Command Operations Centers set up throughout Ohio to help support ground troops and dozens of farming, food and freedom organizations fight against Issue 2 , gaining nationwide attention. Now is the time to launch your own offensive using this arsenal of weapons while Big Ag launches a multimillion-dollar media campaign, now underway to mislead the public. Their campaign is paid for by the agricultural government/corporate partnership (and thousands of uninformed farmers who really want to do the right thing!)

Now watch in real time, the cities and towns in Ohio and around the U.S. where hits are being made with this arsenal of informational weapons. Go to the live monitoring page here.

CURRENT BRIEFING: These are just a few of the key points you need to know about Issue 2 contained in our other documents here at the Journal. This statement is provided by Food and Water Watch:

“In the most ambitious power grab we’ve ever seen, corporate agribusiness proponents are trying to write themselves into the Ohio constitution.

Technically the product of the Ohio General Assembly, the ballot issue is heavily backed by groups representing major agribusiness interests, including the Ohio Farm Bureau, the Ohio Pork Producers Council, and the Ohio Cattlemen’s Association. While masquerading as an attempt to improve food safety and animal welfare, Issue 2 would give a board of political appointees unchecked power to decide any and all regulations related to animal agriculture. The board could make decisions that would radically shift policy in any direction and would not require any public input process. This could include decisions on issues like the use of antibiotics and growth hormones, genetically engineered animals, cloned animals, animal ID and traceability, and factory farm zoning regulations.

The proponents of Issue 2 literally will be the foxes guarding the  henhouse if Issue 2 passes, and they’re running a multi-million dollar campaign to make sure this happens. Worse yet, their slick campaign tries to trick voters into thinking that Issue 2 will support safe, local food from small farmers. We need you to help us get the truth out about Issue 2 and stop this greedy power grab in the Ohio Constitution.”


HERE is the current inventory in our arsenal of informational weapons:


The easiest and most important thing you can do right now is SHARE this Command Operations Center page with your social networks and email lists so that they too can be well equipped and get involved in the action. Use the button below:

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monopoly_junior_chance_card_smallFarm and Food Monopoly Cards — an Ohio Power Play

NEWEST AND MOST POWERFUL WEAPON: These are real nifty Farm Monopoly Card sized handouts for farmers markets  and farm and health food stores everywhere. Quick and cheap, these little tricks get the powerful message out that a NO vote is good for the small farmer and those that want to feed on fresh farm food and everyone else who eats. Make an Ohio Power Play with these bad boys.

Print out and handout. Better yet, give a bunch to the farm stores and health food stores so they can give them out. Includes a link back to our Issue 2 Series at the Journal. GET THEM HERE.



Grab it. Use it.


This is the one to get so YOU can distribute your HOT BUTTONS on the internet!

From Ohio WAPF/Ohio Connections. This is the button to get for your website, blog, facebook, twitters and other social networks.

The logo is hyperlinked back to this page of the Journal, one of the many Command Operations Centers cropping up all over Ohio,  so your friends can also get in on the action to STOP Issue 2.

Grab it. Copy or Save As and then go. (Just make sure the link works on your copy)

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Ohio Farm Wars Start: Why 12 Major Sustainable Small Farm Orgs Oppose Ohio Issue 2– Animal Care and Feeding Laws

Please go directly to one of the Ohio Issue 2  Command Operations Centers for the latest, including an electronic Hot Button for you to use and an arsenal of posters, signs and flyers.


Here is why food, farm and freedom groups all across the state and nation are opposed to Ohio Issue 2. Directly below is a Food and Water Watch release. This was passed on by one of our readers. Other statements follow. Then, on to the Animal Farm theme and hard-hitting commentary that follows.


Dear Shareholders,

Copy and paste this logo in your emails, facebooks, twitters and blogs. Make sure the hyperlink works!

Grab the Issue 2 Hot Button. Spread it like manure.

Many of you have been asking where we stand on Issue 2 in Ohio,

please see below with attachments. Please pass on to family and friends
and please, please, please, get out and vote!
Thank you and God bless,
Dan Kremer
E.A.T. Food for Life Farm


We, the undersigned, oppose Issue 2, which would amend the Ohio state
to create a Livestock Board with unchecked power over
livestock rules and regulations. We believe that this is an
inappropriate use of the Ohio constitution, and would set a dangerous
precedent by creating a permanent place for special interests in the

*We further oppose Issue 2 for the following reasons:* Continue reading